Turkey has lowest fixed internet speed in Europe

Turkey has lowest fixed internet speed in Europe
Date: 29.6.2022 10:00

Internet users in Turkey complain about the service they receive for the money they pay, with the internet speed below the world average.

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With the increasing prevalence of technology, the internet has become an indispensable part of our lives.
Unfortunately, the internet, which we use in many areas of life, including communication, education, working life, culture, entertainment and government affairs, is very slow in Turkey.
Internet users in Turkey complain about the service they receive, with the internet speed below the world average.
Informatics Specialist Ali Rıza Babaoğlu, who made special statements to the Milli Gazete on the subject, stated that Turkey is gradually moving away from the speed of the digital world.


Ali Rıza Babaoğlan, who also expressed other solutions for making the digital world faster in Turkey, said, "Another alternative issue for increasing internet speed is the termination of Türk Telekom monopoly. Foreign internet service providers need to invest in our country, which does not seem appropriate due to the current investment climate and economic problems in Turkey. As a result; an inefficient and difficult to develop picture emerges. In order to change the game here, it is necessary to take steps that will rapidly renew the infrastructure of our country by offering real solutions instead of populist approaches with artificial names such as 4.5G."


Reminding that the internet infrastructure in Turkey is under the management and control of Türk Telekom, "Due to the current unprofitable structure of Telekom and the confusion in its operation, infrastructure investments have not been made regularly for a while. We cannot say that there are many solutions for increasing internet speed. Technically, in order to increase the speed, the number of internet connection points coming to our country should increase. This requires a very serious investment. It's an investment that won't pay off in the short run and it pays for itself in the long run. Turkey is a more populous country with its population than almost all European and Middle Eastern countries. Moreover, the majority of this population is using the internet intensively for hours every day. This usage has increased considerably with the pandemic period, but the infrastructure is at a point where it can no longer afford it. Therefore, the process is stuck," IT Specialist Ali Rıza Babaoğlan added.


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