Turkish people demand the government to end the commercial relations with Israel

Turkish people demand the government to end the commercial relations with Israel
Date: 17.11.2023 14:00

While terrorist Israel's attacks on Gaza exceed 40 days, people all over the world, especially in Islamic countries, are doing their best with actions and protests. However, administrators are content with just words.

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Encouraged by the administrators' attitude of inaction towards Israel, the Zionist occupation army is increasing the dose of civilian massacres in Gaza.
While the debate continues about the leaders of 57 Muslim countries confining themselves to messages of condemnation after the last meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the resistance of the civilian population also serves as a lesson to the administrators.
In Turkey, where millions of people took to the streets and boycotted for Palestine, the government has not yet taken any serious concrete steps other than harsh words against the murderer Israel.
In this context, Turkey's trade with Israel has been continuing since October.
Even in Turkey, where the harshest words have been spoken against Israel and Netanyahu on the basis of administrators, no significant sanctions decision has been taken yet.
So much so that 327 million dollars of exports were made from our country to Israel in October.
As 40 days have passed in the Gaza attacks, more than 275 ships from Turkey have set out for Israeli ports.


From Turkey, where 3 ships set out to carry cargo to Israel just the other day, shipments are being made to the occupying state even by cargo planes.
In this process, where the aid sent from our country to support Gaza cannot go beyond Egypt, exports to Israel literally mean logistical support for the Zionist occupation.
Our people, who resist the crime against humanity caused by Israel in Gaza through boycott activities and demonstrations, expect the commercial relations between Turkey and Israel to end immediately.


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