We had fun like kids that day!

We had fun like kids that day!
Date: 14.9.2021 14:00

Milli Gazete attaches great importance to family and children from the very beginning. The most obvious indicator of this is the magazines presented to the reader together with the Milli Gazete.

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Are you aware; 'Milli Çocuk' child magazine is now 10 years old. Issue 316 will be published soon. Plans and programs for the future were discussed at the meeting held on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Milli Çocuk magazine. The happiest ones of the meeting were the children. Here are the details from that meeting…
On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Milli Çocuk magazine, which continues its publication life with the slogan of "Guarantee of Moral Generations", Milli Çocuk staff came together at the breakfast organization.
The 10th anniversary breakfast was attended by Milli Gazete Editor-in-Chief Mustafa Kurdaş, Milli Gazete subeditor Ercan Özcan, Milli Çocuk Magazine Editor Selime Sümeyye Abatay,  writers, illustrators and followers of Milli Çocuk who are regulars of the magazine. At the meeting, plaques specially prepared for the 10th anniversary were presented to Milli Çocuk broadcast team by Mustafa Kurdaş.
Speaking at the meeting, Milli Gazete Editor-in-Chief Mustafa Kurdaş stated that the publishing adventure of the Milli Çocuk magazine started with its childish pages inside the Milli Gazete. 
"Years ago, the weekly Milli Çocuk magazine started its publication life. It was very loved. I am not exaggerating, on the contrary, I proudly say; One of the best children's magazines in Turkey. It overturned the years; It's running towards the 316th issue. It's been 10 years. 10 years is a success in terms of the publication life of a magazine and should be congratulated. Milli Çocuk is doing a professional job with an amateur spirit. The best legacy to be left in a child is the direction. Thank you to all our friends who worked hard," he said.


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