When do schools open in Turkey?

When do schools open in Turkey?
Date: 23.8.2019 16:00

The 2019-2020 school year with its new calendar begins on September 9, 2019, in Turkey.

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With a little time before the end of the summer holiday, the excitement of the school engulfed the students and their parents.
Students and parents are wondering about the calendar for the school year, with the mid-term breaks application to be implemented for the first time, as new enrollees and high schools applications continue.
The 2019-2020 school year begins on September 9, 2019, with the first-course bell. The education and training period for all first class will begin on 2 September.
The first mid-holiday will be held on November 18-22. The mid-holiday along with the weekend holidays will last 9 days. Students who will have the opportunity to rest during the holidays will also have the opportunity to check what they have learned and deconstruct their learning deficiencies.
The first term, which will resume after the mid-holiday on November 25, will end on January 17.
Semester break will be between 20-31 January 2020. The semester holidays will all last together for a total of 16 days along with with the weekend holidays at the end of the first semester and the beginning of the second semester.
The second semester will begin on February 3, 2020. The second mid-holiday will be on April 06-10 2020.  The mid-holiday along with the weekend holidays will last 9 days.
The second term will be completed on 19 June and will be entered into the 11-week summer holiday after the mid-holiday. 


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