Who is responsible for the current situation?

Who is responsible for the current situation?
Date: 1.8.2023 14:00

While Turkey is going through one of the worst periods in its history in terms of economy, there is also a great collapse in the field of morality and spirituality.

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Adultery is becoming more and more common in our country, where a conservative party has been in power for more than 20 years.
In Turkey, where interest rates are normalized, the number of people praying is also low.
It is seen that the claim of the AK Party government to raise a religious generation cannot pass from words to action.
The number of deism and atheism also poses a great danger for the future.
It is seen that another big problem in Turkey, which is in a major economic crisis, is about morality and spirituality.
While the moral collapse in our country, which has served as the standard bearer of the Islamic geography for centuries, is heartbreaking, the current situation requires concern for our future.
The moral collapse in our country, where a conservative party has been in power for more than 20 years on paper, reveals how unsuccessful the executives at work are.


As stated in our great book, the Qur'an, homosexuality, which is known as a sin that causes destruction, is gradually becoming normal in Turkey.
It is also known that homosexuals, who made great gains during the AK Party government, obtained many privileges such as the right to association in the current ruling period.
At this point, although the government executives, especially the President and AK Party Chairman Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, target the LGBT disaster with their words, it is annoying that the government does not take any action against LGBT.


In our country, which has been the standard bearer of morality and spirituality for centuries, it is seen that the moral disinformation that has emerged with Westernization has reached serious dimensions.
In Turkey, where adultery is spreading day by day, especially the virtual world is swarming with prostitution.
It seems inevitable that immoral attitudes and behaviors, especially adultery, which have been decriminalized for the sake of the European Union membership negotiations, are now included in the scope of crimes by the law to be enacted in the Parliament.


The “Report on Faith and Religiosity in Turkey” published on March 24, 2023, revealed the danger of deism and atheism in our country.
In the research carried out by the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) and Mahya Publishing, it was stated that those who do not believe in Allah constitute 5.7 percent of the population of Turkey.
On the other hand, it was recorded that the rate of deists in the society was 1.7 percent.
While it was determined that the rate of those who fell into the swamp of deism and atheism was terrible, the current picture also revealed that the claim of raising a religious generation could not be put into action.


In a hadith-i sharif in Sahih Muslim, "Cursed are the receiver and the payer of interest, and the one who records it, and the two witnesses to the transaction" statements clearly reveal the danger of the sin of interest.
Although our religion's view of the disease of interest is clearly expressed, it is seen that the trouble of interest is besieging in our country.
It is known that in Turkey, where the interest rates are gradually increasing, there are almost no people who do not get involved in the sin of interest.


The gravity of the moral picture in Turkey does not end with what we have revealed so far.
It is known that the number of Muslims who do not perform the prayer, which is seen as the pillar of the religion of Islam, is quite high.
It is heartbreaking that mosques are empty except for Friday prayers.
In our country, where the morality of trade is lost, the number of people who give zakat is low, and every side is full of people, it is necessary to prepare an emergency solution plan in the field of morality and spirituality.


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