Winter Quran courses started in Türkiye

Winter Quran courses started in Türkiye
Date: 28.9.2023 10:00

President of Religious Affairs Ali Erbaş stated that they provided education to nearly 3 million students in summer Quran courses this year.

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According to the statement made by Diyanet, Erbaş congratulated the entire Islamic world on the Mawlid al-Nabi Week in the "Goodness Time" program broadcast on Diyanet TV screens.
Erbaş stated that they had a successful pilgrimage season as Türkiye.
"This year, during the Hajj, we received an award that made us proud on behalf of our nation. We received the award for 'the country that organizes the best pilgrimage' among the countries in the world, and we thank our Lord for this. This also puts a huge responsibility on us. It places a responsibility on us to raise the bar higher, let alone lower it, in the coming years," he said.
Erbaş evaluated that they carried out a good organization as a country and said, "We employ approximately 450 personnel in our hospital in Mecca. Almost 350 of them are doctors. In other words, we have a hospital in Mecca, just like a full-fledged hospital in one of our provinces. There is no other country that provides such well-equipped health services, and we are proud of this. Not only that, we also have patients who cannot climb Arafat. We take those patients by ambulance and carry them back to Mecca, where their treatment continues in the tent hospitals we set up in Arafat."


Reminding that they give gifts of the Holy Quran to students who choose at least one of the Quran, Life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Basic Religious Knowledge courses as elective courses in schools, Erbaş said, "It is a great development and achievement that our state has introduced elective courses on the Holy Quran, the Life of our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and Basic Religious Knowledge in all our schools. We encourage our students. Our students will be able to receive Quran gifts by applying to provincial and district mufti offices and Quran courses. This year, we educated nearly 3 million students in our summer Quran courses. Our Winter Quran courses started on September 11 and will continue for 8 months. This is a very important opportunity and opportunity. I invite parents to send their children to our courses."


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