Yemen declares war on Israel

Yemen declares war on Israel
Date: 1.11.2023 17:00

In the morning of Tuesday, October 31, there were reports of a rocket attack on Israel from Yemen. Now there has been an official statement indicating that the country is officially entering into combat.

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The official spokesperson for the Yemeni Armed Forces, Brigadier General Yahya Saree Anu, declared that his country officially declares war on Israel. The statement refers to the "third operation in support of the oppressed brethren in Palestine."
"We will continue to carry out higher quality attacks using missiles and drones until Israel's aggression stops," added the official Yemeni spokesperson.
Saree also noted that the strikes will continue until the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) cease operations in the Gaza sector.
Earlier, the IDF reported intercepting a "land-to-land" class missile launched from the Red Sea area towards the southern Israeli city of Eilat.


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