Zeki Ceyhan: "How is it going to be?"

Zeki Ceyhan: "How is it going to be?"
Date: 14.9.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Zeki Ceyhan writes on Turkish government. Here is the full article.

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It can be said that these calls of those who realized the "inevitable fate" awaiting the government and gave warning after warning "did not go unanswered".
In his statements in Kahramanmaras, President and AKP Chairman Erdogan declared that they will “stop the exorbitant price on the shelves, counters and labels”.
Of course, it is a welcome development that the warnings are not "gone unanswered" and that the management is concerned about the "exorbitant price on the shelves, on the counters, on the labels"!
It is undoubtedly a good thing to hear that the warning to the government, "We come from the kitchen, we go with the kitchen" is effective and that something will be done to prevent them from leaving the kitchen.
But how will this work?
In other words, how will those who have been sitting in the seats of power for nearly twenty years cope with the job of preventing price increases, which they have not been able to achieve for twenty years?
It is possible to find the answer to this question in the statements made by President and AKP Chairman Erdoğan in Kahramanmaraş.
On the subject it is said:
We will get inflation under control in a short time!
This explanation breaks all our hopes.
Because the government's report on fighting inflation is always full of fractures! It's like there's no passing grade on this one!
Yes, efforts are made to reduce inflation, but every measure taken raises inflation instead of reducing it.
How many times has the head of the Central Bank been changed for this cause?
However, the expected or expected fall in inflation could not be realized.
It was recently claimed that things would “work out” in July. When this expectation did not materialize in July, it was emphasized that this time inflation would be brought under control in August.
Now, it is thought that inflation will tend to decline in the last quarter of the year!
In other words, a date is always given in the fight against inflation, but the date given does not work.
Since we know all this, we also cautiously welcome the announcement that inflation will be brought under control in a short time and cannot be heartily happy. Hopefully we are wrong!


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