"35 square meters flat rented for half of the minimum wage!"

"35 square meters flat rented for half of the minimum wage!"
Date: 24.9.2021 12:00

Felicity (Saadet) Party Konya Deputy Abdulkadir Karaduman reacted to the government's failure to intervene in the rising rent prices at a press conference in Konya.

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Saadet Party Konya Deputy and Head of Youth Branch Abdulkadir Karaduman held a press conference at his party's Konya provincial building and made important statements regarding the agenda. Referring to the high rent prices, especially the economy, Karaduman pointed out that the citizens were crushed under debt.


Karaduman stated that university students suffer greatly due to increasing house rents.
"Despite everything, the candidates, who were excited and happy to settle, were shocked by the excessively high house rents and dormitory fees. Because, contrary to TURKSTATS, prices have increased by 200 percent or 300 percent. Today, if a student is thinking, 'Where will I stay?' before university enrollment, the situation is not encouraging. See, the rent of an apartment, which can be called a 35 square meter box, is 1,200 liras. In other words, an empty, unsubscribed flat is rented for almost half the minimum wage," he said.


Drawing attention to the increase in the loan amount used in Konya, Karaduman said, "Considering the last 5 years, the loan amount used in 2017 is 33.3 billion TL. This figure increased to 37.7 billion liras in 2018, 40.5 billion liras in 2019, and 53.4 billion liras in 2020. As of June 2021, the figure is 68.5 billion liras. What's good about the economy according to these numbers? How did we grow? Borrow it. So it's like this, I'm coming, I'm asking you for 100 lira, because I don't have money. I take this 100 lira, I turn around and say: 'I have 100 liras.' I don't have 100 liras, I actually owe 100 liras. However, the government misleads the nation by saying that there is money in our safe due to its debts, and that there is investment in the country with the loans used. The name of this is actually a lie, but still, let's call it a deception."


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