"Our first duty is to bring our people to the point they deserve"

"Our first duty is to bring our people to the point they deserve"
Date: 23.2.2021 12:00

The new term plans and strategies were determined at the Meeting of the Youth Branches General Center Presidency Council, chaired by Saadet Party Konya Deputy Abdulkadir Karaduman.

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In the text of the declaration regarding the meeting, it was emphasized that "It is our first duty to fight these miserable mentalities and bring our people to the position they deserve, with the works we will do all over Turkey as the Youth Branch."
Meeting was held in Ankara under the presidency of Felicity (Saadet) Party Youth Branches General Center Presidency Council, Saadet Party Konya Deputy and the Chairman of the Youth Branches Abdulkadir Karaduman.
At the meeting where plans and strategy preparations for the new period were discussed, Saadet Party Youth Branches published a final declaration that constitutes the infrastructure of youth work in the upcoming period.
In the text of the declaration, which includes the main objectives of the new period's work, it was emphasized that the National Vision (Milli Görüş) organizations, which are the most rooted movement of the country, are always the guarantee of our citizens, and that this guarantee will rise on the shoulders of the National Vision youth.


In the text of the declaration, it is stated that it is to reach all young people who are the future of the country, regardless of religion, language, race and opinion.
"Studies will be conducted in the field of economic, social, legal issues and education that concern the youth of the country, and policies that will save our country from the impasse it has been dragged into will be produced. Unemployment, which literally pacifies the dynamism and potential of the young population of 30 million in our country, will be prevented, the order that condemns millions of young people to wages even below the hunger limit by exploiting the hard work and labor of our youth organizations will change with the economic efforts and efforts of our youth organizations," the declaration added.


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