İsrafil Bayrakçı: "Today's Parliament table does not give hope for the future"

İsrafil Bayrakçı: "Todays Parliament table does not give hope for the future"
Date: 11.12.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete writer İsrafil Bayrakçı writes on World Day of Persons with Disabilities. Here is the full article.

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We have left behind another December 3, World Day of the Disabled. In the last few weeks, we have often talked about people with disabilities. Some of you may be bored. This week, this section will constitute the basis of our subject, by demanding your tolerance.
Yes, on the occasion of World Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3, we visited parties with a group of 200 people with disabilities. Our expectation and desire, since 3 December Day of Persons with Disabilities, "Awareness should occur," we said, no longer at least once a year, we wanted politicians to listen to us. But unfortunately it didn't. First we went to the GOOD (İyi) Party group. Mrs. Akşener accepted us. She listened to our representative for a minute or two and received the file with our requests. In a few sentences, they talked about the disabled. Then she continued with her own agenda. Then we went to the MHP group. So they accepted(!) us too. Their President wasn't there. The rooms were small and they could barely accept 20 people. Then we went to the CHP group. Kılıçdaroğlu in the same way Meral Akşener did, he accepted us. At the same time, we participated in the press conference of Felicity Party Konya Deputy Abdulkadir Karaduman with a group of 100 people with disabilities. We would like to thank here that it was not a press for the disabled, but a manifesto for the disabled. This clearly demonstrated the difference between the other parties and the Felicity Party. This reminded us of December 1996, that is the prime minister of our late Erbakan. The actions and discourse that the disabled wanted were brought to life that day. Of course, the younger ones may not know. As Nasrettin Hodja, "Those who know, let those who do not know" we say and we will continue to do so when our language turns. Because unless the truth is known and the truth is covered, it is considered to be the one that brings water and breaks the jug. In fact, those who break the jug are more acceptable we live the time. Today's parliament and the landscape in December 1996, the picture is different from one place to another, but to be aware of it requires your wisdom, mind and conscience. Not only on the basis of people with disabilities, but also all segments of society should analyze and evaluate the course of the current period.
They are saying 'Survival', making the account of the waste spent on terror, exploiting the salute of the national athletes soldiers by leaving the ash in the barbecue, the poor minimum wage, victims of delayed pension age (EYT), impoverishing the bread of the poor, the palace waste, the addition of holiday palaces to Djibouti, holiday yachts. When will politicians be consciously comfortable? When it comes to their own interests, they can enact the law at an overnight jet speed, the latest example of which is the law of installing flashing lamps and providing transitional superiority. In addition, the law of postponing the issue of the installation of filters in the chimneys of thermal power plants and the President's veto wheel after 180 degrees, the human and conscientious sensitivities in the name of injury and trough, so-called nationals who trust him to make the right decisions on behalf of the nation?
Is it possible to expect an understanding of millions of citizens under the hunger limit who tries to make a living on minimum wages, questioning what's up at the breakfast table? Or the right to live humanly for the disabled; social state, waiter state understanding of the severely disabled family, "What will happen to my child after I die?" the phenomenon of the state of generous can be expected to resolve the concern? Once again, we witnessed and realized that, unfortunately, this understanding does not exist in today's Parliament. Again, there is a refrain that we have to say: It is not when there is no National Vision.
Nowadays Mr. President, who has ruled our country for 17 years, accuses his opponents of fraud. What can the poor nation expect for the future when all this is being discussed at the top of the state?
As the poet said:
We have more uncles in our province than maternal uncle.
Every maternal uncle has an illegitimate share.
What the viewer has in this market?
This world belongs to those who sells and buys
That´s that...


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