The right belongs to manufacturer, the case is ours, we will not give up!

The right belongs to manufacturer, the case is ours, we will not give up!
Date: 31.8.2020 14:00

Our public interest broadcasts are wanted to be blocked unlawfully, but we will not give up the case of the producer's rights!

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While the importance of agricultural production is better understood with the coronavirus, the publications of the Milli Gazete to protect the interests of 1 million 100 thousand farmer partners are tried to be prevented by court decisions. 
The imposition of a ban on access to completely concrete news, made in the name of the public good, instead of returning from the mistakes made, will never discourage us.
Upon the application of the Agricultural Credit Cooperatives, Ankara 8th Criminal Judgeship of Peace has access to 45 of our news we made to prevent dubious transactions in the Central Union, especially the credit system applied against the farmers in the Agricultural Credit Cooperatives, which have a strategic importance for the agriculture of the country. disability decision was made. While the access ban decision regarding our 19 news is finalized, our legal struggle regarding 26 of our news continues.
Lawyers and media professional organizations considered the aforementioned access barring decisions made by the Ankara 8th Criminal Judgeship of Peace as completely unlawful and preventing the public's right to receive information, while the decision to block access was also made by the same court and the same judge revealed the weirdness.
The unlawful management of the Agricultural Credit Cooperatives, which have an important role in the country's agricultural activity, for 2.5 years due to the unlawful appointment, the scandal of the general manager with adulteration in the market project established to deliver the farmer's products directly to the public, and the dubious affiliates established to protect the rights and interests of the farmers. Agricultural Credit Cooperatives have started to come to the fore with different topics, not related to agriculture and production, due to the transactions. In such a period, even if the public was prevented from accessing these news by making a decision to block access to the completely concrete news of the National Gazette through a certain court... Even if the facts are overlooked for a while... No one will be able to hide it forever...


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