Turkish Minister: "We are dependent on foreign sources in the health sector"

Turkish Minister: "We are dependent on foreign sources in the health sector"
Date: 12.3.2019 14:00

Health Minister Fahrettin husband, said that Turkey is highly dependent on foreign health.

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Health Minister Fahrettin Koca, Turkey said it was largely dependent on foreign health.
AKP Zonguldak Alaplı candidate who attended the promotion meeting Health Minister Koca, Turkey's medicines, medical supplies, vaccines and medical devices in pencil announced that it is dependent on external high oro. 54 percent of Turkey's drugs, so the medical material 82, medical devices, 84 percent and vaccine also said that the Minister of Health Koca from foreign dependency at a rate close to 100 percent, the situation in health was pointed out that the serious point.
Turkey's health saying that the Minister of Health at a great rate dependent on foreign Fahrettin Koca, made the following statement on the subject:
"So far unachievable in we're having a harder effort to make the point, will be. Our External dependence is particularly intense, with 54 percent of medicines in the health sector, 82 percent in materials, 84 percent of the devices, we are talking about a Turkey where we have close to 100 percent in the vaccine addiction. Largest in the upcoming period. We think that we will complete the localization and nationalization, which we see as responsibility, by 2023, which reduces this dependence by at least 50 percent, as a period that nurtures the vaccine to 100 percent."
The AKP government, which has made constant statements that they are making revolution in health, does not take serious steps to reduce the dependence on foreign countries.


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