“Family is the harbor where people can take shelter”

“Family is the harbor where people can take shelter”
Date: 28.11.2019 13:00

The Felicity (Saadet) Party Istanbul Women's Branch Presidency held the provincial council of November.

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Ebru Asiltürk, President of the Women's Branch of the Felicity Party, spoke on the council held at Fatih Ali Emiri Efendi Cultural Center and said: "Men and women are not enemies and enemies of each other. They are complementary to each other, love, pain, sadness, bread is a partner of life," she said.
The Felicity Party Istanbul Women's Branch Presidency November meeting was held at Fatih Ali Emiri Efendi Cultural Center. 
At the meeting, the Felicity Party when addressing the 4th ordinary congress and party work, Turkey's policy mistakes and was brought to the agenda of violence against women. 
Ebru Asiltürk, President of Women's Branches of Felicity Party, President of Istanbul Women's Branches of Felicity Party Nagehan Gül Asiltürk, Istanbul Provincial Chairman of Felicity Party Dr. Abdullah Sevim, as well as many party members participated. 
Ebru Asiltürk, President of the Women's Branch of the Felicity Party, gave important information to the women of the party in the direction of family unity and violence against women.


Making the opening speech of the council meeting of the Felicity Party Istanbul Women's Branch President Nagehan Gül Asiltürk then addressed to the ladies of the Felicity Party Women's Branch President Ebru Asiltürk, "Felicity Party on November 3, we held our congress with great enthusiasm. At the same time, the speech of our President in the 50th anniversary of the National Vision policy was of paramount importance honorably left behind after 50 years in politics, not only for Turkey, in particular Turkey, often proclaimed to the world the great imagination, 4x parties in the process was closed. It has seen various badires he has spent as a point on the history line and has shown to friends and enemies how wide he is. Right, justice, production, development, foreign policy with a personality, morality and spirituality by saying that the identity and direction has not compromised. The only representative of the National Vision, which has not surrendered to power and has not submitted to injustice, will continue to run with unshakable faith and increasing excitement with every member of its employees until our Saadet Party has sewed its flag to the bastions."
The Felicity Party has the Compass duty
Ebru Asiltürk "When we take into account the circumstances of the past indeed Turkey is seen through a difficult time. General presidents in the economy, as expressed ecology, justice, democracy, agriculture to industry, from education to foreign policy to continuously blown off, entered the economy downturn, agriculture and animal husbandry finished, all the savings have a Turkey that has been a mortgage under the name asset fund. Approximately 500 thousand on farmers left farming, 3 million hectares of agricultural land of the concrete, which sacrificed to construction, for the first time in the history of the Republic, to borrow "Borrowing Directorate General" who had set up, zero problems with neighbors it remains one neighbor is not problematic starting out a Turkey there is. A state of emergency commonplace it came from, oppression and domination increased, different and opposing voices of the silenced state of the spine forming institutions that weathered justice cases bankrupt, it favors the formation of the victims army, nepotism, torpedoes and partisanship commonplace that, there is a Turkey that waste and corruption in the extreme to go. Training returning to flip board, family structure, social ties are weakened, which lost hope in the future of young people, there is a hope for the future of Turkey is exhausted. The Felicity Party fulfills the responsibility of the opposition and serves as a compass with its solution proposals for these problems," she said.


Asiltürk said last November 25th was the Day of Combating Violence against Women is seen as an important social problem in our country and in the world. The murder of Emine Bulut who has shattered the conscience of all of us recently, Güleda Canker in 19 in Isparta, Şule Çet in Ankara, and Ayşegül Güven in 22 who committed suicide because of their lives and many more people have been killed. We do not consider events as violence only against women, this is the atrocity against humanity. It is our humanity's responsibility to intervene with all our hands and language in the face of injustice, violence and loss of life, not just one person. Today, women who deserve violence, honor killings, child brides and abuse are the deepest wounds of this country. In order to prevent the violence, the state is trying to take measures with the panic button, guest houses, violence against women: Alo 183 life-saving projects. However, the statistics show that despite the measures taken, laws enacted, international conventions and women's awareness, violence is increasing day by day. I would like to draw attention to this fact that, despite all protective measures and penalties, this problem is increasing day by day, making us obliged to review the practices. The problem here is the approach to the issue. Justifying the cause of violence by reducing it to gender makes the solution impossible. Men and women are not enemies of each other. They are complementary to each other, love, pain, sadness, bread is a life partner. The family is shaped by men and women. The family is the harbor where people can take shelter in the face of the material and moral difficulties of life, she added.


The Felicity Party Istanbul Provincial Chairman Dr. Abdullah Sevim said, "May our 183th meeting of the council be conducive to our Istanbul, our country, the Islamic world and all humanity. I hope we gave as our duty to Erbakan Hodja, Turkey is a Muslim livable again a great Turkey and establish a new world we are destined to eylesin. We are people who have become Muslims with the help of Allah Almighty. Erbakan our teacher would say; 'Nothing is added before and after Islam. Muslim also does not reduce anything'. For him, who come to our teacher who do not have consciousness of these three lessons would certainly do. The first lesson is that Islam is not harmful. The second lesson is useful in Islam. The third lesson is that there is no bliss without Islam. Therefore, my brothers and sisters, we also need to give each of these three lessons to each individual.."


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