“Istanbul Convention” result: "Father yells at daughter, cannot enter the house"

“Istanbul Convention” result: "Father yells at daughter, cannot enter the house"
Date: 16.12.2019 13:00

Demolition work has been carried out in our family structure for a long time within the framework of European Union harmonization laws.

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Particularly with the Istanbul Convention signed on May 11, 2011, family ties are breaking apart and the fathers are being apart from their children with the agreement, which increases its effect day by day. Lastly, Fahri Olgun punished for 3 months verbally and totally suspended for 3 months.


Fahri Olgun, who expressed his grievance with the Law No. 6284 under the Istanbul Convention, said, "I've been in divorce period for 8 years with my wife. I had the right of custody of my children. I had a duplex house during the divorce. I lived on one floor with my wife and one floor. Since I stayed with my children during this time, I was paying all their education and expenses. Last summer, I had an argument with my oldest daughter about the use of social media. One night, I noticed that my daughter had made boyfriends on her phone via social media. Then I confirmed this twice. I saw my daughter's opposite conversation with her boyfriend on the opposite side."
“The police detained me”
Olgun continued: "During that time, I came home one evening and started to argue with my daughter for several reasons and I confiscated my daughter's phone. Meanwhile, I got angry and shouted loudly. My daughter locked herself in the room and called her mother. When my wife, who was sitting on the top floor, heard about the events, she called the police with the Women's Support Application (KADES) system. I opened the door of the room during the debate and my daughter said that they were wrong, I tried to give a clip on her ear. At that moment, the police came to my house and detained me."
The Istanbul Convention breaks family ties. The Istanbul Convention, which was signed within the framework of European Union harmonization laws within the scope of violence and victimization against women, distances women from their spouses and children from their parents. Although the Convention is set to prevent violence against women, it is clear that the main goal is to dissolve the family unity. The Istanbul Convention namely Law No. 6284, The Law on the Protection of the Family and the Prevention of Violence against Women u states that women are innocent of men and that the law will be applied only to men. 
Fahri Olgun, one of the victims of the Istanbul Convention, told the Milli Gazete daily that the Istanbul Convention and Law no. 6284 destroyed his family and removed him from his children.
"When I went to the police station, my daughter started to negotiate to get the phone from me, said Olgun. 
"I refused to give the phone because I was disturbed by this situation. In the face of this situation, my daughter complained to me. Within the scope of the complaint, within the framework of the Law No. 6284, namely “Istanbul Convention, I first received oral suspension for 3 months. Then it was decided to punish me for 3 months suspension. As a father, I tried to prevent my daughters from deteriorating morally, and they took me away from my children by this law. I can't even get near them. I want my children to be morally educated. However, Law No. 6284 severed all my family ties."


"My daughter's statement said, 'I am the plaintiff and complainant of Fahri Olgun, my own father, who pulled my ears and threatened me, but I want my father to be removed from our house. I can stay with my grandmother, I want my father to be removed from this house and during this time I want to not disturb my grandmother and the people of the house, I do not want to get a report of assault, because I do not want to get a report of assault, my custody is my mother. I want to be handed over to my mother after I finish my procedures at the Bureau'. Within the scope of this statement, I got suspended because I was shouting at my daughter," father Olgun said.


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