“Our family structure wants to be torn apart”

“Our family structure wants to be torn apart”
Date: 12.1.2020 14:00

The Felicity (Saadet) Party Bağcılar District Presidency held a conference entitled, "Threats to Our Family Structure and the Istanbul Convention".

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The Felicity (Saadet) Party Bağcılar District Presidency held a conference entitled, "Threats to Our Family Structure and the Istanbul Convention". The guest of the program was Prof. Dr. Burhanettin Can. 
In the program, after a short cinevision representation in Turkey's Economy Ratings Istanbul Convention and the 6284 Law No. discussed how to target families. 
Saadet Party district chairman Şakir Şahin, district administration and many party members attended the conference.
Şakir Şahin, President of the Felicity Party Bağcılar District, who made the opening speech of the conference, said that the conference that we have organized here today is an issue that has recently started to be discussed on every platform. What is going on at a time when serious troubles have reached its peak. There is a problem in the city and country where we live. We're different before we know it. The disintegration of our family structure increases every year. Violence is increasing in the family. The murders are increasing. So, what's the problem? These issues are never discussed.
He also touched upon social equality at the conference. 
"First of all, I would like to thank you for your sensitivity towards the family. The word equality in the concept of gender equality, because of the impact it creates, especially people can not think different things. However, when this equality situation is examined, it appears as an act of disclosure. This is a global project. In 2013, as Social Economic Research Center, we published a study on women and family. But we could not tell anyone about our problem. However, violence against women in Turkey and have published reports in the world. We couldn't explain our problem in that report. The biggest step taken by those who hit the global coup against the family in this regard is the alan private area, that is, the family area is the source of violence master. This is how our family structure is wanted to be torn apart," he said.
"I will now tell you with a survey conducted in the Republic of Turkey. This is a research conducted by the Directorate General for the Status of Women in 2009. Look at the testimony in the research, which includes Hacettepe University with its stakeholders from Europe: "The family considered the most reliable for women is not really reliable for women. Because four out of ten women in the family are subjected to violence by the men they live with. The question is; whoever they live with is a partner in English. Let's take a look at the statement published by the Police Academy in 2019: Spouse, emotional partner that is the people who live in the mistress. So why do they use it with the word spouse? They use the statistical figures found here to show high. Such research is deliberate, purposeful and non-scientific," he added.


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