“We cannot forget Jerusalem and Palestine”

“We cannot forget Jerusalem and Palestine”
Date: 15.11.2019 13:00

"We are standing for Jerusalem, we are here for Palestine" program was held in Konya.

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Mahmut Arslan, President of Hak-Is and President of the International Union of Support Unions to Jerusalem and Palestine, spoke at the Konya "We Are Standing for Jerusalem" program. 
Arslan, regardless of our means and conditions, we cannot forget Jerusalem and Palestine. We cannot stay away from the Masjid al-Aqsa, where our Lord has blessed his surroundings, he said.
Mahmut Arslan, President of Hak-İş and President of the International Union of Support Unions for Jerusalem and Palestine, participated in the "We are Standing for Jerusalem, We are Here for Palestine" program organized by Hak-İş Palestine and Jerusalem Committee. 
The program was organized by the Ambassador of Palestine to Ankara. Fayed Mustafa, Konya Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Mustafa Uzbas, Meram Mayor Mustafa Kavus, Anatolian Youth Association Konya Branch President Ceylani Kilic, Konya Civil Society Organizations Platform Chairman Muhsin Görgülügil, Hak-İş Palestine and Jerusalem Committee President Huseyin Tanriverdi attended a large number of guests.


Stressing that Hak-İş has different aspects than other confederations, Arslan said, "We have a historical responsibility for Jerusalem. Our belief in Jerusalem is our first Qibla. We have responsibilities as a result of our beliefs. We are a non-governmental organization, a workers' organization, and we have responsibilities in terms of human rights. Hak-İş is indebted to all the oppressed of our country, region and globe. Therefore, we have to be with the oppressed not only in Jerusalem and Palestine but also in all geographies of the earth. This is what makes Hak-İş different".


Speaking in the program, Hak-Is Chairman and International Union of Supporters for Jerusalem and Palestine Union President Mahmut Arslan, "Every time a Masjid al-Aqsa, Jerusalem meeting is known that sound comes from too many places. I believe that this meeting will bring a lot of voice for Jerusalem, Masjid al-Aqsa and the Palestinian cause. This is Konya. I know that the sound of this, the voice of those who shouted here, will make the Zionist administration in Tel Aviv very uncomfortable. Just as Hak-Is is our case, Jerusalem is our case."
“The important thing is what we do”
Stating that every individual has a duty on Jerusalem and Palestine, Arslan said, "What is important for us is what we are doing and what should we do? Our responsibility begins at this point. Therefore, as Hak-İş, we organized the "Together for Jerusalem" organization, which we held for the third time this year. We will continue to support and contribute to the Palestinian struggle. This is our responsibility. Whatever our possibilities and conditions, we cannot forget Jerusalem and Palestine. We cannot stay away from the Masjid al-Aqsa, where our Lord has blessed the people around him."
Ambassador Faed: Hak-İş Supports Proud of Us
Ambassador of Palestine to Ankara Faedda Mustafa, stating that the country went through a very difficult period, "support for Turkey against the Israeli atrocities in Palestine It means a great sense for us. We are always proud of the fact that Hak-Is has always defended the Palestinian cause on national and international platforms." 
Following the program speeches, Necmettin Erbakan University, Department of International Relations Faculty Member. Gökhan Bozbaş ended with the information he gave about the history of Jerusalem.


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