1.5 million people did not receive a salary

1.5 million people did not receive a salary
Date: 11.8.2023 13:30

The grievances continue in the Retirement Age Victims (EYT) regulation, which was hastily passed before the election.

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The EYT arrangement, which the government hastily passed through the Parliament and put into practice before the election, paved the way for new grievances.
As of the end of March, the waiting of EYT members who submitted their petitions continues. Gönül Boran Özüpak, Honorary President of EYT Federation, reminded the statements about the completion of the system,
"We saw that many things were left unanswered, it was up to EYT victims to wait again," Özüpak said.
The grievances continue in the EYT regulation issued by the government before the election.
Özüpak stated that the salaries were not paid despite the 5-month period that passed since the regulation,
"About 1.5 million people were not paid pensions. For years, he fought with EYT for his right to retirement. While 2 million 250 thousand people will retire from EYT, 1.5 million people are waiting to be paid", Özüpak added.


Expressing that there are EYT members who complete their conditions by borrowing, Özüpak reminded the statements of Vedat Bilgin, the Minister of Labor and Social Security at the time.
"There are EYT members who have been paying their debts and waiting for their salary for 5 months. Vedat Bilgin, Minister of Labor and Social Security at the time, said that we were ready in every way, but it turned out that there was not enough preparation. Words are in the air," Özüpak said.
Drawing attention to the statements that salaries will be given in May after the law, Özüpak pointed out that EYT members continued to wait in the last 5 months.
"While it is expected that the salaries will be tied in May, it seems that it will reach September and October at this rate. This is a constitutional right, this situation should be resolved as soon as possible. EYT members who want a solution are in revolt. A 150-day loss continues in EYT. Among these people, we have unemployed friends. Our government promised, but we suffered because of the missing law. We saw that many things were left hanging, it was up to EYT to wait again", Özüpak stated.


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