16,693 cataract patients operated on by IHH in 2022

16,693 cataract patients operated on by IHH in 2022
Date: 4.1.2023 08:00

With the Cataract Surgery Project, Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) performed 16,693 surgeries in 8 different countries in 2022.

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Millions of cataract patients around the world are unable to undergo surgery due to technical and financial difficulties. Many patients who cannot have surgery have to continue their lives dependent on others. The cataract studies that IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation started in Africa in 2007 with the slogan "If you see it, they will see it too" have spread to 20 different countries in Africa and Asia. As a result of the studies, in the first 10 years from 2007 to 2017, 100 thousand patients were operated and tens of thousands of people regained their health. Continuing its cataract studies in 2022, IHH operated on 16,693 patients in 8 countries and helped them see again. Operations; were held in Mali, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Niger, India, Uganda and Syria. Apart from the surgeries, 47,479 examinations and 66,563 field scans were performed. By 2022, the number of surgeries IHH has performed so far has reached 173,693, and field surveys have reached 863,886. Also within the scope of the project Health workers from Turkey also share their knowledge and experience with doctors and health workers in the region. 


Donors who want to support the cataract works that IHH continues with the slogan "One Eye Sees the World" can contribute 10 Turkish Liras (TL) to the project by writing KATARAKT from all operators and sending an SMS to 3072. Those who want to donate higher amounts can support by writing KATARAKT on the IHH website or in the explanation section of bank accounts.


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