49th year besides the truth and reality

49th year besides the truth and reality
Date: 13.1.2020 15:00

Milli Gazete celebrated its 49th year of establishment on January 12.

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Millî Gazete, which set out 49 years ago with the motto "Truth has arrived, falsehood perished", is mutually loyal to each other with its readers in the past half century.
Milli Gazete, which started its publication life with the 'basmala' of National Vision (Milli Görüş) leader Prof. Dr. Erbakan Hodja 49 years ago, made its mark on Turkish media with its headlines and news in the last half century.
Milli Gazete also served as a serious school in journalism, with many journalists it trained.


It is the anniversary of the meeting of Milli Gazete with its readers. 49 years easy to say! Last half century in Turkey and changing many things in the world, the only constant thing was "TRUTH-FALSEHOOD" struggle. 
In this struggle for truth and falsehood, Milli Gazete showed its side and its loyalty by carrying the verse "TRUTH HAS ARRIVED, FALSEHOOD PERISHED" on its title, the 17341th copy that you have today, from its first copy.


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