87 percent of the 'target' collection received!

87 percent of the target collection received!
Date: 26.9.2023 10:00

87 percent of the targeted collection of approximately 13.2 billion lira in the first installment period of the Additional Motor Vehicle Tax (MTV), which was introduced to close the budget deficit and was introduced to heal the earthquake wounds, was realized.

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According to the information obtained from the Revenue Administration (GİB), the first installment collection figures for the additional Motor Vehicle Tax (MTV) payments have been announced.
An arrangement was made for the additional MTV, which was created once only to contribute to meeting the need in question, to be paid in two equal installments in August and November 2023.
Accordingly, as of September 22, 2023, in the first installment period, an additional MTV of 13 billion 157 million 597 thousand 71 lira was paid for 9 million 919 thousand 966 vehicles. Thus, 87 percent of the expected collection as of the first installment period was realized.


It is aimed to obtain a total income of 30 billion liras in 2 installments from the additional MTV, the second installment of which will be paid in November.
Thus, with the collection of approximately 13.2 billion lira in the first installment for around 10 million vehicles, 43.8 percent of the target was paid.


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