885 Turkish Liras to labor!

885 Turkish Liras to labor!
Date: 10.7.2017 17:30

The salary of retirees this year, will fall back to 885 lira despite the surge in inflation ...

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The pensioners who take their wages early due to the Ramadan holiday will get a raise this month. Approximately 2 million civil servant salaries, the difference will raise the double increase in this month will be given. Social Security Institution (SSI) will hear the civil servants retirement will receive the raise. Currently, the lowest salary of civil servants, is at the level of 750 thousand pounds. This salary will increase by 6.92 percent to 871 thousand TL. The base salary of an SSK retiree who retires before 2000 will go up to 485 liras. The base salary of Bag-Kur tradesmen will rise to 290 liras. However, this year, the SSK waiting to retire, even after the time the cigarette to go to the number 885 lira was tilted.
The most unequal system of the world entered into force in our country in 2008
Social Security and General Health Insurance Law No. 5510, issued by the Justice and Development Party in 2008 and announced as "reform", pits against the employees and pensions are reduced as millions of employees work and pay premiums. This unprecedented system in the world continues to give bitter fruit.
Although it is announced that the wages of civil servants and workers' salaries will be raised at different rates following the inflation figures announced in June, the important detail is missed. The retirement pension of a SSK who will retire this year will be reduced to 885 pounds after the last raise is added. The more painful thing is that after filling in the number of premium days, SSK members who have to work extra will continue to decrease by about 40 liras every 360 days.


* Think of 3 people. All three work at the same factory minimum wage and have completed an estimated 5450 premium days required for retirement days. Now friends from these friends, Ahmet, 31.12.1999'de "I filled the premium day, I will wait for my age," he left his job and goes to his hometown and retirement age is waiting.
* If the other friend is Mustafa, "Work until 30.09.2008, working more, increase my premiums, my pension will be tied higher" thought and leave the work on 30.09.2008.
* 3 friend Mehmet worked to this day to fill up more premium days and get a higher pension, and these friends are pensioners connected when they applied to the SGK for the retirement pension on 30.04.2015:
1st friend Ahmet 1,301.00 TL
2nd friend Mustafa 950,00 TL
3rd friend Mehmet 750.00 TL


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