"All Turkey waiting for the National Vision"

"All Turkey waiting for the National Vision"
Date: 13.9.2021 11:00

The 7th Ordinary Congress of Saadet Party Edirne Provincial Presidency was held with the participation of the Saadet Party leader Temel Karamollaoğlu.

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The 7th Ordinary Congress of Saadet Party Edirne Provincial Presidency was held at the Lalezar Wedding Hall with great enthusiasm. At the congress, which was held with a single list, Ali Erhan Dermirkıran handed over the duty of Edirne provincial chairman of Saadet Party to Sinan Tekin.
Felicity (Saadet) Party Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu also attended the congress, Saadet Party Deputy Chairman Ersan Bilgin, MÜSİDER Chairman Arslan Ateş, Saadet Party Kırklareli Provincial Chairman Mustafa Abdurrezak, Cansuyu Aid and Solidarity Association Edirne Representative Murat Vakitçi, Iyi Party Edirne Deputy Orhan Çakırlar, Saadet Party Edirne provincial and district organizations, representatives of political parties and NGOs also participated.


Saadet Party Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu drew attention to the ideal of a livable Turkey, "It is very important for a country to become livable. We need to reach an important level, both spiritually and economically, so that people can say that we live in prosperity. A country where it can be said, 'I live in a beautiful country' is very important. The rebirth of a great Turkey means a new world. So how does a country become livable? First of all, peace and brotherhood must be established in a country. We can talk in the country where peace and brotherhood are established. Peace will never come to a country where peace and brotherhood are not established. Unfortunately, there is no peace and tranquility in Turkey today," he said.


Temel Karamollaoğlu said, "Saadet Party organizations need to penetrate into the neighborhoods and into the villages. We need to reach our citizens and convey our messages to them. We will communicate with each of our brothers who love or dislike us, appreciate or criticize us, and we will convey our thoughts to them. We will listen to the concerns of our citizens, otherwise we cannot ensure that our ideas are accepted in Turkey. Our main work is our work in which we reach our citizens and tell them our ideas. The whole of Turkey is waiting for the National Opinion. People are longing for National Vision (Milli Görüş), he drew attention to the importance of organizational work.


Saadet Party Edirne Provincial President Sinan Tekin, "Exactly 51 years ago, our teacher Erbakan was talking about how a livable Turkey could be possible from Edirne. There was faith in that hall that day. Today, that belief, that spirit is present here. Our greatest strength is our 51-year-old political memory and our unchanging political memory. What makes our Felicity Party valuable is that it carries these values. Today, we are holding our provincial congress, looking to the future with hope. Our difference is our belief, our difference is our ideals, our difference is our sincerity. We are the history of this nation, we are members of a great cause. We have never lost our resolve, and we never will," he said.


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