"An infrastructure should be established that all students will benefit"

"An infrastructure should be established that all students will benefit"
Date: 16.2.2021 13:00

ÖĞ-DER President Hamdi Sürücü made statements about the start of the second term academic year.

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Hamdi Sürücü, the President of the Association of Conscious Teachers (ÖĞ-DER), made evaluations about the start of the second-term education period and face-to-face education in village schools in the shadow of the Covid-19 pandemic.
He started his speech by wishing that the new period will bring good luck and made important statements. Stating that no one knows what the type of people the education system targets, Sürücü, "This test-oriented order is waiting to be rescued from its old, incomprehensible, empty and useless habits as a system that survives with sacrifices. The basic aims and principles determined in the basic law of national education unfortunately cannot embrace the world and the hereafter of our youth together. It cannot bring about positive changes in their mood. The education system produces problems rather than problem solving. Despite this, the problems are swept under the carpet and the system is tried to be carried out with the support of the official ideology and bureaucracy," he said.


Sürücü who warned about the distance education period due to the Covid-19 pandemic, "An infrastructure and superstructure should be established that all students can benefit from. Our state is able to do this. We had to reconstruct education and training as a system that develops and develops with all its stakeholders in life by removing it from four walls. Therefore, we do not say that there is nothing new on the European front, but we say there must be something new on the European front. The distinction between contracted-permanent and paid teachers, which seems like a caste system, should be abolished, especially among teachers, who are the backbone of education. Because in a world where labor is the same and wages and personal rights are different, nobody can get good. Employing teachers for a wage less than the minimum wage just because they did not get the desired score in Public Personnel Selection Examination (KPSS) is an exploitation of labor. This colonial practice must be eliminated as soon as possible. For a solution, the education system that produces solutions should be passed from the education system that produces problems," he added.


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