"Cooperation in the region is a must"

"Cooperation in the region is a must"
Date: 10.4.2019 13:00

America's move toward Iranian Revolutionary Guard which put it on terror list has attracted a great response. Experts said Turkey would also be affected in a negative way.

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According to experts, regional cooperation against the United States is the most important point.
By evaluating the latest developments in Iran, Specialist Ramazan Bursa, "Iranian Revolutionary Guard, to explain the list of terrorists in the United States, wants to finish Iran's activities in the region. Because Iran is a serious presence in both Syria and Iraq. The movement of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, known as the ’Jerusalem Force’, in the Middle East will be restricted by this move of America. The United States, on the other hand, wants to end the liaison between Iran and Hezbollah and the connection between Iran and Ensaruallah in Yemen. Because Iran has a serious support to Hezbollah and Ansarullah," he said.
The United States does not want to see any activities that will adversely affect or harm its plans in the Middle East. Hezbollah has a plan to build a military unit on the slopes of the Golan Heights. Moussa Dakduka is the head of this military formation in which Hezbollah will be formed in Syria. This name is very important for Iran and does not allow such a structuring on the Golan Heights in America. Because America does not allow any power to threaten Israel's security. The United States wants to cut Iran's support for Islamic Jihad in Palestine. In He explained the reasons why America wanted to be included in the list of terrorists of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.
Defense Economics Specialist Yakup Evirgen, who warned against the negative developments between the US and Iran, "America tries to keep its existence and some countries or some geographies to exploit its economic stability. We have seen this over and over again through the terrorist organizations it has established. America gives the impression that it is struggling with the terrorist organizations it established and exploits the regions where the terrorist organizations are. In the regions where these moves cannot be made, economic sanctions are applied. In this respect, it would not be surprising that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards were included in the list of terrorists. In this case must be very careful in Turkey," he said.
Evirgen, "On the other hand, these latest developments have an informative dimension. America's similar behavior under the name of the fight against terrorism has happened before. America's moves are not in the interest of the Middle East and Islamic countries. 12 thousand kilometers from the United States to make some moves, the countries of the region requires measures to be taken. So cooperation in the region is essential. The effect of the measures to be taken is also possible only in cooperation with the countries of the region. The effect of the individual measure to be carried out in cooperation with the countries of the region will be troubled and heavy, de he said, adding that Muslim countries should cooperate against America," he said.


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