"Diseases and symptoms are the same"

"Diseases and symptoms are the same"
Date: 4.1.2022 14:12

The rapidly transmitted coronavirus disease with the Omicron variant caused an explosion in the number of cases. The number of coronavirus cases, which has increased in recent days, has exceeded 30,000.

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While it is said that the increase in the number of cases will continue and 150,000 daily cases will be seen, the influenza disease, especially in children, has become an pandemic with the coronavirus.
It is important to pay attention to the nutrition of children studying in crowded classrooms in schools and not to be sent to school when they are sick.


Prof. Dr. Tacettin İnandı speaking over increasing Covid-19 cases, "The Omicron variant is spreading rapidly all over the world and in our country, and the number of patients is reaching much higher than previous waves. Omicron creates a disease with a slightly milder course, which is transmitted much faster than previous variants. However, the excess number of patients can lead to significant deaths and strain health systems. Loss of sense of taste and smell was among the symptoms seen in coronavirus, but no loss of sense of taste and smell is observed in the omicron variant. However, the information on the change in the severity and symptoms of the disease is very new and not based on scientific research yet. Only experience and observations are available," he said.
"Along with Omicron, there is information about the increase in seasonal flu cases. In addition to Omicron and influenza, other respiratory viruses can also be seen in children. It is not possible to distinguish all these diseases from each other by looking at their symptoms. The symptoms of these diseases are not specific to the disease. Differential diagnosis can only be made by physicians and with necessary tests. On the other hand, a coronavirus test should be done first for someone who is currently showing a few of the symptoms such as fever, cough, runny nose, pain, weakness, abdominal pain. The appearance of symptoms 3-4 days after contact with a coronavirus positive person increases the likelihood of coronavirus," he added.


Dr. İnandı warned about the disease process especially in children, "Although mild in children, other respiratory diseases can be fatal in children. For this reason, it is extremely important to consult a doctor without delay in complaints such as fever, cough, and shortness of breath and to carry out the process together with your doctor. All of these diseases are transmitted through the respiratory tract. The precautions to be taken are therefore similar. Not staying for a long time in closed and crowded environments, ventilation of closed environments, use of masks and hand hygiene are among the main individual measures. Compliance with all these measures is especially difficult for school-age children. Education in our country continues in crowded schools and classrooms. It is also very important for other children not to send sick children to school," he said.


Saying that the number of cases is increasing rapidly, "It seems that daily numbers may exceed 150 thousand. Therefore, in addition to the vaccine, it is useful to implement the public health measures that we have used before, such as masks, distance, hygiene, ventilation, isolation, quarantine, and widespread testing. With these measures, we can reduce the damage of the pandemic without stopping life," he added.


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