"Energy is a need, like food and water"

"Energy is a need, like food and water"
Date: 27.10.2022 16:00

While the problems and solutions related to the energy crisis in the world were discussed by experts, the situation of Turkey against the crisis was also discussed.

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"Enerji Bir-Sen", TEKDER, OSTİM and OSTİM Technical University held the Reflections of the Electrical Energy Crisis on Turkey and Solutions Panel, where experts in their fields made assessments on the energy crisis. While the problems and solutions regarding the energy crisis in the world were discussed by experts, Turkey's situation against the crisis was also discussed.
Former Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Dr. Ali Rıza Alaboyun, "Elektrik Üretim A.Ş." General Manager Dr. İzzet Alagöz, OSTİM Technical University Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Serhat Dağtaş, OSTİM Energy Cluster ERL Solar Assembly Systems Board Member Özgür Balcı attended as speakers.
Making the opening speech of the panel, "Enerji Bir-Sen" Chairman Hacı Bayram Tonbul stated that they organized such a panel to raise awareness against the energy crisis in the world.
We have organized this panel in order to draw attention to the problems our country is in and ways to solve it. We need energy, water, food, and we cannot give up. The energy crisis has also swept the world.
Durdoğan Öztürk, Chairman of the Technical Staff Association (TEKDER), one of the other partners of the program, stated that they have been working with technical staff for nearly 50 years as an association, and that they want to contribute to the development of Turkey in terms of energy with the program.


Expressing that Turkey may emerge from the world's energy crisis without being affected at all, Ali Rıza Alaboyun, the former Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, drew attention to the fact that Turkey has a power in its hands due to its geographical structure.
"We need 8 thousand 765 hours of energy for all of us. There are many different sources of energy. The emergence of new renewable energy sources, especially the emergence of new applications in energy storage systems is very important. Turkey makes significant investments in wind and sun, especially due to its geographical structure. The fact that we have a very different topography, especially in terms of wind, shows us its importance. Nuclear power plant construction, which has been going on for a long time, continues in Akkuyu. We passed a structure called İGA through the parliament and gave responsibility to the Assembly. From now on, nuclear power plants will come into operation as 100 percent safe energy production centers that do not exceed 300 megawatts called SMRs. In the medium term, the production of need in the world goes to hydrogen," he said.


Touching on the problems related to the energy crisis, Elektrik Üretim A.Ş. General Manager İzzet Alagöz pointed out that the world is struggling with an unproven air conditioning crisis.
"In the process called air-conditioning, we have been refusing the elbow with the green agreement for 4 years. Those who have tried to close the thermal power plants in recent years have now started to open the thermal power plants again. Coal-based electricity generation constitutes 44 percent of the world's installed power. Now, coal plants are opening up in a world where coal is deteriorating. Currently, this figure is 35 percent. Let's assume that the world is polluted. As Turkey, we only produce 1 percent of it. Let America pay for this, let Germany pay, 70 percent of the carbon accumulation comes from these countries. Surely they will do their best to rule the world," he said.


Noting that Turkey's primary goal is to produce enough energy for its own needs, Alagöz stated that countries that cannot solve the energy crisis face the risk of stopping their production lines.
"Germany was determined to close the nuclear power plant, but they gave up because they could not fill their place. In case of shutdown, they do not produce enough energy. We can say that each country is in a similar situation when we discuss its own assets and problems. How is Turkey against this crisis? We are not affected by the crisis of the world in any way. There is energy in Turkey and there is no crisis. This situation should be evaluated by our industrialists. As a country, we need to take advantage of this situation seriously. Our domestic and renewable energy resources are between 40 and 50 percent. The rest is imported from abroad. There is a 5% increase in Turkey's electricity generation rate. Currently, the installation of wind and solar power plants in Turkey continues rapidly," he said.


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