"Erbakan realized a dream project with D-8"

"Erbakan realized a dream project with D-8"
Date: 21.2.2020 12:00

This week's guest of the ESAM Wednesday Conferences was D-8 Secretary General Ambassador Dato Ku Jaafar Ku Shaari.

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This week's guest of the Economic and Social Research Center (ESAM), the traditional Wednesday Conferences, was the Secretary General of the Developing 8 Countries Economic Cooperation Organization (D-8) Ambassador Dato Ku Jaafar Ku Shaari.
Felicity (Saadet) Party General Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu, deputies, bureaucrats and many citizens attended the program, which was held at the ESAM Conference Hall on the subject of “Potential D-8: Opportunities and Challenges”.


Shaari started his speech by giving extensive information about the work of D-8. Saying that the presidency will pass to Bangladesh this year, Shaari stated that they will determine their 10-year action plans at the meeting to be held in Bangladesh. Emphasizing that D-8 was founded, founder leaders determined 6 focal points such as trade, transportation, and energy, Shaari noted that some of these goals were achieved, but at some points they did not achieve full success. Shaari as they carry out important work representing member countries in the field of agriculture and industry, they encouraged member countries to free trade agreements, Turkey's free trade agreement with Malaysia reminded enacted.


Shaari stated that they brought together the private sector representatives of the member countries at the commercial point, and continued as follows: "We are working among the D-8 member countries in terms of each country's use of its own currency at the payment point. Most member states have approved this. This will provide extra benefits to our member country citizens. We will also set up the D-8 Financial Center in Malaysia. We will carry out the process on the Islamic financial system."


He explained that they are working on the development of universities among the D-8 countries, which describe the work carried out in the member countries. Shaari, however, in our member countries we create specially selected airports for D-8. "We first started this through Sabiha Gökçen. The benefit here will actually be the following; At these airports, there are some situations such as rapid passage for D-8 citizens, presence of informative boards about D-8, creation of D-8 cafes and social areas. We had an agreement with Karachi and Cinnah airports in Pakistan, and we got the government's approval as the chosen airport of D-8 of Abuja Airport in Nigeria," he said.


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