"Everyone has a big duty against drought"

"Everyone has a big duty against drought"
Date: 10.1.2021 12:00

Sinan Vargı, Deputy Chairman of the Federation of Consumer Associations (TÜDEF), made a written statement about the drought and seasonal changes in our country due to global warming.

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Vargı stated that rivers and lakes were drying up rapidly, but the administrators did not raise this issue.
Emphasizing that our rivers and lakes are drying up and our forest resources are opened to construction, Vargı called on municipalities and the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization to develop projects on water conservation and planning the future.


In the statement, which was emphasized that the authorities did not make a statement about the drought and seasonal changes caused by global warming in our country, it was stated that the measures should be expanded with public spots on water saving and the awareness of saving should be conveyed to the public. It was emphasized that people tend to spend more water due to the pandemic.
The statement underlined the need to protect water resources more, and it was stated that efforts should be carried out to stop all factors that would destroy water resources, to prevent environmental massacres in the fight against drought, and to prevent water resources from being destroyed for the sake of income.
It was emphasized that local governments should instill awareness of savings in citizens, and it was underlined that it is not possible to apply a savings if the gradual water bill system introduced in metropolitan cities will pave the way for those who have money to spend water comfortably.


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