"Everything started with a smile"

"Everything started with a smile"
Date: 8.3.2021 11:00

Turkish Kardeş Eli Aid Association, the hope of the people living in Idlib, where the consequences of the civil war in Syria are experienced in the most painful way, continues to stand by the oppressed people..

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Kardeş Eli Aid Association, which delivered aid packages to 1001 children within the scope of the emergency aid organization, did not forget the children who were victims of civil war.
Struggling to survive, Idlib has witnessed many dramas in the Syrian civil war that has been going on for years. Having not forgotten children who are victims of civil war, Kardeş Eli Aid Association once again revealed the importance of sharing with the aid it provides. The drama of the people who could not meet any of their needs for a long time, the desperation of the mothers who could not give their children milk, the struggle for life of the hungry babies ended with the help of the philanthropists who reached the region. Kardeş Eli Aid Association, which started an aid campaign for Idlib as part of the emergency aid organization, delivered 1001 coats, boots, berets, scarves, gloves, toy parcels and 2 tons of milk to 1001 children.
Saying “Everything started with a smile”, Enes Boyacı, Corporate Communications Director of Kardeş Eli Association, "The deplorable situation we saw in Idlib deeply affected all of us. When we see the happiness in their eyes with the aid we distribute to children, we want to come here more often and make our children experience this joy more often. In addition, seeing the smiles on the faces of our innocent brothers living with fear of the future made our volunteer brothers and sisters who work day and night forget all the tiredness," he said.
Enes Boyacı, reminding that they have been a bridge between oppressed and philanthropists in Syria and many other geographies for years, he said, "It was the smiles on the faces left from the journey to Idlib, where the breads were divided, the joy increased and the abundance increased. For detailed information, you can reach the association from 444 44 46 contact number or www.kardeseli.org.tr."


Enes Boyacı, who gave information about the aid campaign they launched against Idlib, "Let's not forget that people struggling with hunger, poverty and cold need all kinds of material and moral assistance and struggle to survive with the help from outside. We have increased our humanitarian power for our brothers and sisters. In the aid trucks we transported, 30 tons of coal and 150 stoves, 2 tons of cleaning detergent, 500 food parcels, 84 thousand hygiene pads, 4500 adult clothes and 500 blankets reached those in need," he added.


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