"Extravagance and waste continues"

"Extravagance and waste continues"
Date: 15.11.2019 12:00

In a press release held in Parliament, Felicity (Saadet) Party Istanbul Deputy Dr. Cihangir Islam, pointed on recently increased the number of people who committed suicide due to economic reasons.

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Islam criticized the ruling party's silence for the suicides in question, "They don't care about the disaster." 
Saying that extravagance and waste continue in the economy, Islam said, "Despite the foreign debt of about 500 billion dollars, extravagance and waste continues with the slogan that reputation will not be saved".
Felicity Party Istanbul Deputy Professor. Dr. Cihangir Islam, held a press conference in Turkey Grand National Assembly (TBMM) and made important statement on the agenda. 
Speaking of recent suicidal events, Islam said that collective suicides in Istanbul and Antalya revealed the extent of dissolution and economic problems in society.
"They deny the truth"
Islam, stating that the society has made an unimaginable decision and ignored those who have been ignored, said, "They want to send a message to the government by cornering the conscience of society. A very sad road. However, it is objected by living. You need to live to react. One tragedy triggers another suicide. Threshing sparks. All this while the ruling party effective and competent names on the shore giggling in the corner. They don't care about the disaster. They explain that their prosperous life looked rosy Turkey. They don't even know they're turning the country into a fire. Those who notice deny the truth in order not to lose their status."
More than 130 thousand vehicles in public


Islam underlined that there was a significant increase in Presidential budget appropriations with the transition to the Presidential Government System. On The ten-year increase in the Presidential budget appropriations was 2 thousand 659 percent. Presidential allowance, which was 138 million liras in 2012, was 199 million liras in 2014, when Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was elected president. In 2015, the 99% increase in the record of the appropriation of 397 million liras 434 million in 2016 Presidency, 648 million in 2017, 848 million liras in 2018 was given the allowance. With the transition to the Presidential Government System, the appropriation increased to 2.8 billion liras with an increase of 231 percent compared to the previous year and will continue its upward trend according to the announced Medium Term Financial Plan."


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