"Fuel is the source of all price hikes"

"Fuel is the source of all price hikes"
Date: 22.2.2021 11:00

Bendevi Palandöken, Chairman of Turkey Confederation of Tradesmen and Craftsmen (TESK), drew attention to the fact that the item that most affected inflation was oil prices.

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Stating that oil prices affect the prices of all products from A to Z, Palandöken said, "It bends the waist of our tradesmen in all sectors, especially our tradesmen operating in the transportation sector, and our low-income citizens using public transportation. The fall in oil prices, which is the biggest source of inflation, relaxes all segments of the society".


Stating that the barrel price of brent oil has increased in international markets, Palandöken, "While the price of brent oil dropped to $ 40 per barrel in November, this month the barrel price of brent oil rose to $ 62, despite the decline in exchange rates. We cannot even be happy that the dollar and euro have fallen due to oil prices. Because in this period when we are struggling with inflation, oil prices are reflected in the prices of all products as the locomotive. It negatively affects the price of all products from A to Z, from the crop of the farmer to the products that the tradesman put on their shelves. The most important cost item of our taxi drivers, minibus drivers, service workers, public bus drivers and truck drivers operating in the transportation sector is fuel. For this reason, while the decrease in oil prices relieves our transporters and tradesmen in the transportation sector, it also becomes a great convenience for our citizens who use public transportation vehicles in highway and intercity transportation," he added.


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