"Healthcare professionals' problems should be resolved"

"Healthcare professionals problems should be resolved"
Date: 19.2.2021 13:00

Sağlık-Sen health union President Semih Durmuş shared the “January 2021 Turkey Healthcare Professionals Report” in which the situation, problems and demands of healthcare professionals were discussed.

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Emphasizing that the report is a first in the country, Mr. Durmuş stated that their main purpose is to create a reference document on behalf of healthcare professionals and to raise awareness among the public and decision makers.
Noting that healthcare professionals have many painful problems, Durmuş, "we want to talk about the sacrifices of healthcare professionals instead of their problems, and share the joy of life of patients who cling to life with their forehead sweats. However, this is not possible. Because these problems are not solved, just expectations are not met, only time is left. If this were a useful method, we would not be talking about some of the problems that have existed for years today. Leaving time and the passage of time does not solve the problem of healthcare workers, but it bends the waist, turns problems into gangrene, and leads to despair. For this reason, as Sağlık-Sen, we call once again here, dear officials, do not ignore, postpone or ignore the problems of health workers. Solve it!" he added.
Noting that new problems have been added to the problems of healthcare workers and their burden has increased with the pandemic process, Durmuş stated that the deficiencies in financial and personal rights and the rightful demands and expectations were not improved.
"It should not be forgotten that salaries are melting against inflation. Due to this system, the share of some non-physician health workers who started work on the same date and under the same status and did the same job fell by 1 TL, while others had 2 thousand TL. The rate of those who receive 2 thousand TL does not reach 3 percent. This system, which constantly produces problems, is not likely to be fixed with retouching, it is necessary to hit a scalpel," he added.


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