"Istanbul Convention is the revenge of the conquest"

"Istanbul Convention is the revenge of the conquest"
Date: 7.11.2019 11:00

Turkey Family Council President Adem Çevik, made important explanations on "Istanbul Convention institutions, especially the tangible and intangible assets of family that on the target" to our newspaper reporter Abdussamet Karataş.

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Both the government from the need imposed by the Grand National Assembly of Turkey by the European institutions (Parliament) issued laws and conventions, continues to create great damage in our family institution. 
Mr. First of all, I want to start with this question. What is Turkey Family Council? What kind of work do you do?
We started our activities as Justice Platform 1 and a half years ago. Then we were family Rights Platform, we finally transform our name 'Turkey to the Family Council. Around Turkey, we abroad and our organization forward in this process in a family federations, confederations and international families create family unity we have any idea. We are supported by nearly 3 thousand NGOs. We have collected 18,000 signatures for the abolition of the Turkish Civil Code, the Turkish Penal Code, the CEDAW, the Istanbul Convention and the repeal of the Law no 6284. We are working to remove the laws that break down the family and cancel the contracts. We inform political parties, professional chambers and non-governmental organizations. Family is sacred, we are trying to cooperate against the global war of destroying the family. Some criticize us: "You do harm by opposing the state, if the state goes, the family goes…" We never harm the state. We warn against the wrongs of the state. On the contrary, we defend the understanding that if we can keep the family strong, the state will be strong.
What is the Istanbul Convention, which has hit a major blow to the family institution? What effect does it have? Can we listen to you?
The Istanbul Convention is an agreement imposed by the Council of Europe. The Istanbul Convention is a Crusader game that imposes genderless society under the name of preventing violence against women. The Istanbul Convention is the revenge and rematch of Istanbul's conquest. through Turkey in this contract, which is a threat to the Islamic world, the use of the Caliphate in the center of Istanbul's name is a perception operation against the Muslims.
What is the situation worldwide? In which countries is it implemented, in which countries is it banned?
Currently implemented in 37 countries. Despite being Christian, countries such as Bulgaria, Hungary, Czechia, Ukraine, Lithuania and Moldova annotated eye this agreement did not accept their entry into force in their countries. The Russian state banned LGBT and sexless society demands throughout the country for 100 years. The United States, Russia, Canada, the Vatican, Japan, Azerbaijan, Mexico, Azerbaijan, England, Istanbul did not enter the lien agreement. Armenia is resisting.
There wasn't a story about the passing of the Istanbul Convention to the Turkish Grand National Assembly that we could call scandalous? What was the process?
November 11, 2011 in the shroud (Grand National Assembly of Turkey Women and Men Equal Opportunities Commission) delegation, Chairman of the Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Commission Volkan Bozkır period chaired by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan presents a report to the front. They say that this agreement should pass through Parliament without annotation and they persuade Erdoğan. After Erdoğan's approval, they are referred to Parliament. The convention is being discussed in Parliament late 24 November. Sadık Yakut, Deputy Speaker of the Assembly at 22:50, read the first three articles out of 80 articles and submitted to the mass vote and the Istanbul Convention passes through the Assembly in 26 minutes without negotiation. This may be the case in a parliament governed by mandate in the occupation states. Four parties have plague in passing this agreement. Disagreed on all issues, the four parties of the AKP-CHP-MHP-HDP agreed to pass this agreement through Parliament. It was approved without comment and without public debate.
You have had a meeting with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan recently. What messages did you give him about the family?
We had a meeting with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan at Haliç Congress Center. I have expressed some demands and concerns for the family here. "We can't reach you. If the family goes, the state goes. This is a national security problem. The Istanbul Convention should be terminated." We expect the President to implement this promise and to terminate the Istanbul Convention. On FETÖ, President Erdoğan woke up 10 years later and said, "We have been deceived." We, as a Muslim brother, say that our President, you are being deceived by laws and conventions that destroy the family. Cautionary caution, the family destroyed the laws and contracts will be abolished. Otherwise, there will be no family. How can he not protect his family?
The issue of gender equality is also a very controversial issue. What would you like to say about this?
Gender equality is clearly an operation of homosexuality. It is a poison offered in honey. It is an operation of genderlessness, de-familization and deprivation performed under the cover of equality between men and women. On the official page of one of the gay organizations, gender equality is defined as sexual orientation, sexual preference.. When the concept of gender equality draws back to the feminist green feminists addressing the red community, they use the word gender justice. But they use in Turkey, yet their activities abroad they use gender equality statement. They are holding congresses and they are planning a congress in the coming months. They want a society without family, sex or immorality. This is a war supported by global companies. In many television programs, the role of the favor given to homosexuals appears to have been implemented.
You have experienced an expulsion that you have been victimized in connection with the implementation of the Istanbul Convention. Can you tell us what happened to our readers?
AKP 23rd term deputy Professor. Dr. Askin Asan gave me to court, claiming that he was subjected to violence because we were against the Istanbul Convention. He was the principal of the former rector of Eurasian University, Tenzile Erdoğan Imam Hatip High School until one and a half months ago. The headmistress of a school that raises the mothers of tomorrow accused those who opposed the Istanbul Convention on live broadcasts, and personally accused our friends and volunteers with FETÖ. I've been fighting FETÖ for 35 years. We learned from our Erbakan Hodja that the FETÖ movement served imperialism and Zionism. Upon this publication, I just made the following defense to him: Is our family ministry and education entrusted to a defamatory person? If you do not apologize to us, I will complain to President Erdoğan at the Önder Imam Hatip. I was suspended for one month with the attorney of Kezban Hatemi, a lawyer from Istanbul 14th Family Court. This was a contract to protect the family? This woman is not my family, how can such a decision be made. This is a great threat... This is also a shackle of thought, idea. It is a shame to use thought as an obstruction, a subject to be noted in history.
They declared war against God's creation
There is also a United Nations convention called CEDAW that concerns the family. Turkey, also signed this agreement. Can you tell me about him?
The United Nations CEDAW Convention adopted in 1979 has been signed by 193 countries, including Turkey. which means all kinds against women CEDAW convention on the elimination of discrimination, enacted October 13, 1985 in Turkey. After the enactment of the law, especially indefinitely alimony to the divorced woman has changed our laws. After that date, the father, who was the head of the family, was no longer the head. The real sedition is the law before the Istanbul Convention. CEDAW is also a project of destroying a family. Because CEDAW sees sexual orientation and sexual preference as a human right. The Council of Europe Convention on Human Rights, which we signed before in 1954, has the same articles. Articles 8, 12 and 14 see sexual preference as a human right. The main purpose of the attacks that destroy the family is the war against the nature, that is, opposition to God's creation. Muslims must be awake.
You are planning an event on 24 November. Finally, let's remind you of that. What is the content of this event?
On November 24, the anniversary of the Istanbul Convention are planning a major action throughout Turkey. On November 24, at 14:53, representing the history of the conquest of Istanbul, we will carry out these actions and activities at mosque exits, in squares and in front of the ruling party's buildings that pass the Istanbul Convention through Parliament.


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