"Jordan's stability is in favor of Zionists"

"Jordans stability is in favor of Zionists"
Date: 7.4.2021 15:00

Jordan has the role of maintaining the security of the Zionist regime against potential attacks by Arab states, Middle East expert said.

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In an exclusive interview with Qods News Agency, the Middle East political expert Saeb Shaath stressed that the United States, the UK and the Zionist regime look at Jordan as a path or tool of implementing their strategic goals in the region to stabilize Zionists’ security as well as putting pressure on Palestinian groups and controlling events in Syria and Iraq.
Talking about recent upheavals in Jordan and the failed coup against King Abdullah II, Saath said that Jordan has the role of maintaining the security of the Zionist regime against potential attacks by Arab states. “Jordanian officials have separated itself from Palestine to take a supportive position in favor of the Zionist regime.”
Senior members of the Jordanian state and palace were arrested Saturday over "security reasons" amid rumors that King Abdullah has been targeted in a coup plot, with former crown prince implated in the attempt.
“The US army also has several military base in Jordan and has deployed a significant number of warplanes there to use them for airstrikes in Syria and other locations,” he went on to say.
Talking about the failed coup in Jordan, the Middle East expert added that: ”Jordan Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi and Prince Hamzah Bin Al-Hussein are accused of cooperation with Bassem Ibrahim Awadallah , a former confidant of King Abdullah and Sharif Hassan bin Zaid, another member of the royal family to disrupt stability of Jordan, which was supported by foreign actors.”
“Bassem Awadallah is considered as an advisor to Donald Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner, who was orchestrating the so-called Deal of Century between the Zionist regime and some Arab regimes,” he explained.


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