"Kashmir going piece by piece"

"Kashmir going piece by piece"
Date: 7.8.2019 12:00

India has abolished the special status structure of the region by abolishing the constitutional clause that privileges Jammu Kashmir, which has a dense Muslim population.

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India has abolished the special status structure of the region by abolishing the constitutional clause that granted privilege to Jammu Kashmir, which has been occupied for more than half a century and the Muslim population is dense. Following the Israeli 'chaos' plan implemented in Palestine, India divided the Kashmir, which it had previously divided, into two. India has thus taken a step towards devouring Jammu Kashmir, which has a special status.
The bill separating Kashmir, which India holds under occupation and claiming the name Jammu, has been approved by 125 yes votes against 61 rejections in the upper parliament of the federal parliament, Rajya Sabha (State Assembly). Promising the removal of Kashmir's special status in the election period, the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi led the racist People's Party of India government by eliminating the autonomous structure recognized in the post-independence region and ended the privileged position of Kashmir Kashmir.
According to the law, the region was divided into Jammu Kashmir Unity Land and Ladakh Unity Land. Despite the opposition's criticism of acak hell will happen e in the region, Shah claimed that nothing would happen and that the region would not return to Kosovo. Interior Minister Amit Shah added that Jammu Kashmir would be granted full state status at an “appropriate time” and after the normal situation prevailed in the region.


Politicians in the region were put under house arrest at night after the Indian paramilis forces had piled up in Kashmir for days. The occupation forces laid steel barriers and barbed wires on roads and junctions in Srinagar. In addition, public meetings were banned in the region, schools were closed, mobile networks and internet restrictions were imposed.


Pakistan's Prime Minister Khan called Mahathir on the latest developments in Kashmir under the Indian occupation. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammed and Kashmir discussed the developments. Mahathir, India's United Nations Security Council (UNSC), ignoring the decisions of Kashmir, Khan said that the steps taken by India, both Kashmir and the region said that harm to peace.


Until independence in 1947, India was under sovereignty, ruled directly by the invading British (after 1857) and controlled by 562 principals. After independence, the regions where Muslims living under British control were concentrated were included in Pakistan. Three of the principalities in the country, Jammu Kashmir, Junagarh and Hyderabad, wanted to remain independent. The “Jammu” Kashmir region was governed by the Hindu leader Hari Singh, with a predominantly Muslim population. Junagarh and Hyderabad, on the other hand, were dominated by Muslim leaders but dominated by the Hindu population. Junagarh and Hyderabad were included in the country by India, citing the higher Hindu population. Instead of being given to Pakistan, Jammu Kashmir, where the majority of Muslims, was left to India's sovereignty with a special status”cover. To date, according to Article 370 of the constitution, Jammu Kashmir region had a completely autonomous structure. The State Assembly was free to regulate its own laws outside the fields of communication, defense, finance and foreign affairs. With the decision of the government, this autonomous structure was abolished. After half a century now, it is now officially India!


According to the latest census by the Indian government in 2011, the total population of “Jammu” Kashmir is 12.5 million. 68.3 percent of the population in the region is Muslim, 28.4 percent is Hindu and about 1 percent is Buddhists. The Kashmir Valley has a 94.4 percent Muslim population, while the Jammu region consists of 62.5 percent Hindu and 33.4 percent Muslims. Jammu has two sub-regions that comprise the Chenab Valley, where 60 percent are Muslims, and Pir Panchal, 74.5 percent Muslims.


Following the historical developments, former prime ministers of the region, Omar Abdullah and Mehbuba Mufti were arrested. Of the two leaders who have been under house arrest since the previous night, the People's Democratic Party (PDP) leader Mehbuba Mufti was taken to a state guesthouse in Srinagar near his home. Sajjad Lone and Imran Ansari, leaders of the Jammu and Kashmir People's Conference, were also arrested. Mufti stated that the government's decision was dış illegal and unconstitutional ”and shared“ Today is the darkest day in Indian democracy.. Omar Abdullah, the leader of the National Conference, said in a statement in the morning that the decisions taken on Jammu Kashmir were unilateral, illegal and unconstitutional.


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