"Lift the strike ban"

"Lift the strike ban"
Date: 12.9.2021 14:00

Public servants announced their expectations from the new constitution…

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Memur-Sen labour union announced the results of the research "Expectations of Public Officials from the New Constitution". In the survey, 80 percent of public officials stated that they were against the ban on strike and that the absence of the right to strike caused loss of rights.
The Memur-Sen Confederation shared with the public the results of a research titled "Expectations of Public Officials from the New Constitution", which was prepared after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's statement of the "civil constitution". The results of the research conducted with 5,586 Memur-Sen members of Memur-Sen Academy, EBSAM and Genar Research revealed remarkable results.


Explaining the demands that emerged as a result of the research, Ali Yalçın, Chairman of the Memur-You Confederation, stated that 88.3 percent of the civil servants offered their support for the new constitution. Yalçın also stated that 86.4 percent of civil servants want freedom of thought, conscience and religion to be guaranteed in the constitution.
Yalçın also touched upon the demands regarding organization and collective bargaining.
"86.9 percent of public officials object to the narrowing of the scope of their right to organize, and 91.6 percent of them object to the narrowing of the scope of collective bargaining. The rate of support for the statement, "The fact that unauthorized unions are at the table and the lack of solidarity dues violates the principle of equality of parties during collective bargaining against civil servants" is 69.8 percent," he said.


The most striking demand in the research was about the lifting of the strike ban. Stating that they do not want a constitution that prevents the ban on strikes by public officials, Yalçın said, "80.5 percent of the respondents are against the ban on strike and they think that the absence of the right to strike causes loss of rights. The rate of public officials who want public officials to be members of political parties is 57.1 percent."


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