"National Opinion is a jihad movement"

"National Opinion is a jihad movement"
Date: 13.5.2019 11:00

Speaking at a meeting of the AGD Istanbul Branch and the Sahour program, Saadet Party General Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu; "If we acted properly, we would have peace," he said.

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Anatolian Youth Association (AGD) Istanbul Branch's monthly provincial council meeting was held in Milli Gazete - Milsan Facilities. After the sahour meal, where important information was given about the events to be organized by AGD in the summer months, the participants came together in the sahur table. 
Many members of the AGD Istanbul district organizations attended the program Saadet Party General Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu, Saadet Party Deputy Chairman İlyas Tongüç and Ramazan Kaya, AGD and MGV President Salih Turhan, Saadet Party İstanbul Provincial Chairman Abdullah Sevim, YENİAD Chairman Selman Esmerer, Milli Gazete Editor-in-Chief Mustafa Kurdaş, AGD and MGV Chairman of the Istanbul Branch Yunus Genç, former AGD provincial chairmen and a large number of guests participated.
Saadet Party General Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu, addressing the members of the AGD said that if you look at the Islamic geography, you will see Muslims being oppressed.
Saadet Party General Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu, addressing the participants in the program; "We are people of faith, we are Muslims. As a Muslim, our first duty as the foundation of our faith is to follow in the footsteps of God and His Messenger. But we are now on the path of the Prophet. If you look at the Islamic geography, Muslims are oppressed. Even Muslims are killing each other. We're just watching what's happening. If we had acted properly, we would have a peaceful environment in the world. Erbakan Hodja, when asked the meaning of the National Opinion, "the struggle for the establishment of peace and happiness promised Islam," he replied said Karamollaoglu.
AGD and MGV President Salih Turhan pointed out what happened in Palestine, "Ramadan is a salvation for all the oppressed regions, especially Palestine. The day before Ramadan, tens of Palestinian brothers drank martyr sherbet. When we hear this news, we feel sorry, we organize press releases, we do various studies. But we have to do bigger things. In the month of Ramadan, the Prophet participated in 4 jihad. I underline this in particular. We should pay attention to Jihad as well as our worship in Ramadan. We need to endeavor for our cause and add our night to our day. We must benefit from the grace of Ramadan. It is imperative for jihad for Islam."
Stating that National Opinion (Milli Görüş) is a jihad movement, Karamollaoğlu; "The West has always targeted the jihad and has shown the jihad movement as bloodshed. However, jihad promises an atmosphere of peace and happiness. We forgot to jihad. I would like to remind our Prophet (pbuh) about the subject; You are governed so you are. Unless a society changes itself, God does not change that society. We have a responsibility for this. Our AGD is also working to change society. You are young, aware of your responsibility. The work you do is really important for the case," he said.
The editor-in-chief of the Milli Gazete Mustafa Kurdaş, explained the connection he established with the MGV and said; "We have been in the National Youth Ranks. In this case, we met by the National Youth Foundation. Fortunately, names get engaged in important work in Turkey that has grown in the National Youth Foundation. Now, our AGD and MGV are working on the same mission. AGD is of great importance for the youth. May God be helper of the organizers working for the youth in our AGD."


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