"National Opinion is the common point of Turkey"

"National Opinion is the common point of Turkey"
Date: 1.3.2021 16:00

The Extended Provincial Council Meeting of the Felicity (Saadet) Party Istanbul Provincial Presidency was held with a wide participation.

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The Extended Provincial Council Meeting of Saadet Party Istanbul Provincial Presidency was held with a wide participation. At the council meeting held online due to pandemic conditions, Saadet Party General Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu, Deputy Chairman Mustafa Kaya, Saadet Party Istanbul Provincial Chairman Ömer Faruk Yazıcı and General Administrative Board members attended the online meeting. 
In the program, which attracted great interest from the Istanbul provincial board of directors and the members of the organization working in the districts, the unit heads made their reports on the organizational activities.


Speaking at the program, Saadet Party Leader Temel Karamollaoğlu said, "Today is the anniversary of the 28 February coup against the Erbakan government. At that time, we were left alone with a big blow. Soldiers led the way, but left the real work to civilians. Many of these civilians who were hostile to the National Opinion have suffered as much as we do today. Trade unions, media, money barons and even members of the Constitutional Court have been involved in this coup. I hope we will not experience such a process again as a country".


Temel Karamollaoğlu said, "We organized a program to commemorate our 10th anniversary of Erbakan Hodja, who said "The closure of our Welfare (Refah) Party is only a point in the flow of history" by showing a great example of common sense against the tyranny of the February 28 period. Today, all of the political parties inside and outside the Assembly called our yesterday's invitation and commemorated our Erbakan Hodja with us. Once again it has been understood that the Saadet Party, which is the only representative of the National Opinion, which can bring together so many different views, is the fee of this nation. Those who could not even come together outside the Parliament came together by responding to our invitation. In this year's commemoration program, we found the ideal of our Hodja suitable by using the theme of "Great Turkey Again". We are fighting to establish Turkey, a country that has as strong a reputation and trust as before.


Karamollaoğlu, who also made economic evaluations in his speech, said, "Productive tradesmen are the biggest strength of our country. We have to make a production move. Show the waste, corruption and bribery to those who ask where is the source. Every year 200 billion TL goes to waste, corruption and bribery in this country. By stopping this trend, we provide employment for 400-500 thousand people with this resource. In this country, nobody should struggle with hunger and should not have to pay taxes larger than their size. We are different, tell this to our tradesmen and officers to all layers of the people. We just watched the work of our Istanbul organization. We attach great importance to the visits of tradesmen. We will contact all non-governmental organizations, foundations, associations and business circles. We will meet with governors, district governors and police chiefs and exchange ideas."
Saadet Party General Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu issued a message on the anniversary of the February 28 coup attempt, which was a black mark on our history.
In his message, Karamollaoğlu said, "Just like all coups and putschist mentalities that put a mortgage on the will of our nation and the future of our country, it is an exemplary document how February 28 and the actors of that period are remembered today. Our Erbakan Hodja and those who displayed an honorable and upright stance against this coup that harmed democracy and human rights are today remembered with goodness and mercy. Today, those who carried out February 28 are remembered with shame and those who were targeted at that time with good and honor; I hope February 28 will be enlightened in all its aspects and that such embarrassing events will not happen again in our country."


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