"Our only wish is to have an independent homeland"

"Our only wish is to have an independent homeland"
Date: 19.10.2023 15:00

Ali Babacan, who visited Palestinian Ambassador Faed Mustafa, said that the international community remained silent in the face of Israeli attacks.

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DEVA Party Chairman Ali Babacan visited the Palestinian Embassy after the attack on the hospital in Gaza and expressed his condolences to the Palestinian Ambassador Faed Mustafa for those who lost their lives in the attack.


According to the news in DHA, Babacan said that the Palestinian cause is a universal matter of justice and conscience and that it has become a symbol of just and legitimate causes all over the world.
"We stand with the Palestinian people. More than 500 people lost their lives in yesterday's attack on the hospital. Probably half of them are children, the numbers are not yet complete. We don't know exactly how many lives were under the rubble. Targeting and knowingly hitting and bombing civilians, hospitals and schools is a war crime, a crime against humanity," Babacan said.


Ambassador Mustafa also stated that there was an attack in Gaza yesterday that would upset the conscience of the world and the Islamic world, and said, "We are in the 21st century, how does the international community accept this? What is the fault of our people there, the civilians? The Turkish nation is a brave and conscientious nation. As the state and the parties, we appreciate everyone and thank everyone. Especially yesterday, Turkish people held rallies in many cities for solidarity. We thank them. In these latest difficulties and crises, we must all be together and raise our voices. We have only one request; And that is to have an independent homeland. The capital of our country is East Jerusalem, and unless this happens, that region will not be safe and stable."


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