"Our purchasing power at lowest level in the century"

"Our purchasing power at lowest level in the century"
Date: 4.10.2023 12:00

Turkish Pensioners Association sent a letter to all MPs in the Turkish Grand National Assembly, requesting an increase in their pensions.

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In the letter sent with his signature, Kazım Ergün, Chairman of the Turkish Pensioners Association (TÜED), stated that approximately 6 million retirees had to live on the lowest pension of 7,500 liras, and added following words:
"With the collective agreement, the base salary of public workers was determined as 21,000 liras, and the base salary of civil servants was 22,000 liras. While there is currently a serious salary difference between employees and retirees and our expectation of adaptation to correct this situation is on the table, our retirees' expectations are to receive a raise at least as much as the employees. Otherwise, the wage inequality between employees and retirees, which is at least twofold, will triple or quadruple. This situation will be a disappointment for the retirees who have served this country for years and social peace will be damaged. With the CPI increase to be taken every six months, the difference will increase faster and will create a very deep wound in society."


Emphasizing that the 25 percent raise in July disappointed retirees, Ergün used the following expressions in the letter:
"Our request from your Excellency is to make improvements that will provide some relief to our retirees, to reduce the lowest pension to at least the minimum wage level, and to implement a real state-protected social security, as promised, by giving a pro-rata raise of at least 8 thousand lira to those who earn a monthly salary of more than 7,500 lira. You must be the voice of our retirees, widows and orphans in the parliament to ensure its passage. Our retirees do not have the patience or strength to wait for the end of the year or the 2024 budget. Our purchasing power has perhaps fallen to its lowest level this century. Our retired community, with its calloused hands and prayerful mouth, will meet the steps that will be taken towards it today, as in the past, with a maturity befitting its dignity and will fully appreciate this."


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