"Our religion must be learned from the right source"

"Our religion must be learned from the right source"
Date: 14.9.2021 12:00

The 2021-2022 education and training period of Quran courses has started… Diyanet-Sen Chairman Güldemir wished success for the new term…

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Making a statement for the new education and training year of the Qur'an courses, Diyanet-Sen religious union Chairman Mehmet Ali Güldemir wished the Qur'an courses education and training period to be beneficial and wished success to the Qur'an course teachers and students.
The 2021-2022 education and training period has started in Quran courses. Diyanet-Sen Chairman Mehmet Ali Güldemir made a statement for the 2021-2022 academic year.
Emphasizing the importance of making the courses suitable for pandemic conditions, Güldemir said, "The value and value of Qur'anic education for our spiritual accumulation cannot be explained with expressions. However, we find it important to complete the necessary infrastructure services so that our instructors can provide training in more comfortable conditions, and to make our halls suitable for winter training and pandemic conditions."


Chairman of Diyanet-Sen Mehmet Ali Güldemir, emphasizing the importance of learning religion from the right source, "There have been people and groups in our country who have abused our religion for their own interests for years. It is of great importance to learn our religion in the courses opened by the Presidency of Religious Affairs in order not to give them an opportunity. Thanks to our Qur'an courses, the obstacles to learning our religion have been removed. Thanks to the hafiz training given in our boarding Quran courses and other courses, our Quran memorizations are increasing day by day. All this is the result of the good services offered by our Presidency of Religious Affairs," he added.


"We would like to thank our Quran course teachers who make great efforts and make great efforts to teach our beautiful religion to people of all age groups, we wish a healthy, safe and peaceful academic year to be overcome by difficulties, 2021-2022 year for our Quran course teachers and students. I wish you good luck in the education and training period of the Quran course," Güldemir said.


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