"Palestine's pulse will not be stopped"

"Palestines pulse will not be stopped"
Date: 2.12.2019 11:00

The health problems of Palestine under the oppression of Zionist Israel and their solutions were discussed at an international conference in Istanbul.

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250 participants from 28 countries participated in the conference where health plans in conflict zones, especially in Palestine, were processed.
Medics World Wide (International Medical Aid Association) held in Istanbul this year, the second international "Palestine's Pulse can not be stopped" conference attracted great interest. The 2-day conference was attended by 250 participants from 28 countries representing humanitarian organizations, non-governmental organizations and international foundations. The project partners of the conference supported by the Red Crescent were the International Doctors Association AID, Sağlık-Sen, Health and Civilization Association, Gaza Support Association and Al Baraka Association.


The main topic of the conference was 'Palestine' which focused on Medics' main working principle, ways of improving health care in conflict zones. During the conference, assessments were made on the issues of mobilizing international efforts for Palestine, sharing the experiences of stakeholders, developing partnerships with development professionals, improving patient services and achieving sustainable development goals. In addition, presentations were made reflecting the difficulties and inadequate health conditions experienced by Palestinian patients and wounded, refugee camps and Palestinians. In addition, the decisions taken at the conference on November 17, 2020 in Abu Dhabi, planned to be held at the meeting of the Ministers of Health countries of Islamic countries were shared with the hope.


In the final declaration of the conference, a series of decisions were taken to accelerate and functionalize the health services in Palestine. The prominent articles of these decisions are as follows:
* In order to improve the quality of life of the Palestinian people, joint visions and joint efforts will be made in the service of the victims of the conflicts.
* Providing medical devices and health supplies that will contribute to improving the quality of services provided to Palestinian patients and wounded people.
* Studies will be made to ensure that Palestinian doctor candidates receive training in the right areas of expertise.
* Social media projects will be developed to enable media, media content producers, social and digital media activists to pay more attention to Palestine's humanitarian and health problems and to contribute to the creation of public opinion on the current situation.


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