"Support Kashmir's silent resistance"

"Support Kashmirs silent resistance"
Date: 20.1.2022 11:30

GASAM President Cemal Demir made important statements to the Milli Gazete about the events in Kashmir.

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The human tragedy in Kashmir, which is under the occupation of India, is alarming. The people of Kashmir, which should be embraced by everyone with a conscience, especially Islamic countries, are groaning under the oppression of the Indian forces.
As the Kashmir region, which has been under persecution for many years, is entering an even more dire process, South Asia Strategic Research Center (GASAM) President Cemal Demir made evaluations to the Milli Gazete.
Noting that India wants to change the demographic structure in Kashmir, Cemal Demir expressed that silent resistance should be supported in order to prevent humanitarian tragedy in Kashmir.
Kashmir, which is one of the bleeding wounds of the Islamic geography, has been persecuted for centuries. There is a great human tragedy in the region where the persecuting actors have changed in the historical process, but the oppressed have not. The people of Kashmir are waiting for the Ummah to take care of them and save them from the tyranny of India. Persecution in the region reached unbearable proportions after India revealed its plan to annex Kashmir on August 5, 2019, by removing Article 370, which ensures the autonomy of Kashmir. In Kashmir, where state terror is exhibited, Muslims are persecuted by Indian soldiers in collaboration with massacres, rapes, kidnappings and organ mafia.
“The oppression has become unbearable”
It is known that there are mass graves in the Jammu and Kashmir region, where a human tragedy is experienced and curfew is prohibited almost all year. In the face of the blood-curdling tortures in Kashmir, Islamic countries must immediately impose heavy sanctions on India to ensure the invading forces withdraw from the region. The situation in the Kashmir region, which has been under oppression for centuries and has been the subject of dispute between India and Pakistan since 1947, has become unbearable today. In addition to the occupation in the historical process, the abolition of Article 370, which was the step taken by India to abolish the special status of Jammu and Kashmir in 2019, constitutes the reason for today's deplorable picture.


As the Kashmir region, which has been under persecution for many years, is entering an even more dire process, South Asia Strategic Research Center (GASAM) President Cemal Demir made special statements to the Milli Gazete.
Evaluating the latest developments in Kashmir and explaining why Kashmir is important for India, Demir also conveyed what should be done in the regional arena in order to prevent the humanitarian drama in Kashmir.
The interview we conducted with GASAM President Cemal Demir is as follows:
We know that India has taken various steps towards annexing Kashmir. What are the latest developments in this regard?
The borders between the Indian sub-continent, which gained its independence from the British colony in 1947, and today the two nuclear powers of the region, India and Pakistan, were drawn under the auspices of Britain. continues. We can express the date of August 5, 2019 as a new milestone for Kashmir under the administration of India. Because until 5 August 2019, Jammu-Kashmir had an autonomous structure as per article 370 of the Indian constitution. The Jammu-Kashmir Assembly was free to make its own laws, except in the areas of “communications, defence, finance and foreign relations” and had the right to determine its administration.


The Indian government has abolished the autonomous status of Jammu and Kashmir by canceling Article 370 of the constitution on 05 August 2019, which has been in existence for half a century. For the sake of Hindutva idealism led by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, members of the BJP majority in the People's Assembly approved the bill that would divide Jammu and Kashmir into two, thus removing Kashmir's autonomous status. By law, Jammu Kashmir was implemented as a Union Territory of Jammu Kashmir and a Union Territory of Ladakh.


We can say that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi took this decision to satisfy the mentality that Muslims are not the original owners of those lands and the extreme Indian nationalists. In addition, behind this decision lies changing the “demographic” structure of the region. Violation of a right defined in the Indian constitution is also a disgrace to Indian democracy. Indian democracy is indeed a form of democracy that has an international reputation. That's why the current Indian rulers have trampled Indian democracy. Maybe, by taking such a decision as a hamasi, they may have brought joy to the Hindutva nationalists who are their supporters, but on the other hand, they have also won the hostility of the Kashmiri people. Of course, this decision will cause a deep wound sociologically and the political cards will be reopened in the region.


Why is Kashmir so important to India?
Kashmir is of great strategic importance not only for India but also for the states of the region and the world. The geography of Kashmir is shared between three states as follows: 45% is India, 35% is Pakistan, 20% is Chinese. While talking about water wars in the world, Kashmir is a strategic geography with high potential of virgin natural spring waters and mineral resources. Kashmir; Afghanistan is located in a geographical transition zone bordering on land with China, India and Pakistan. Kashmir's geostrategy, political dominance in the region and we are facing a mysterious world to control the economic corridor. Kashmir is very important, especially for the US and global powers, because Kashmir's geostrategy is important to surround China.


What should be done in the regional arena to prevent the humanitarian tragedy in Kashmir?
In fact, the Indian peninsula is a blessed geography that pioneered the silent resistance against British exploitation in the world. The "silent resistance" that began under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi against many elements such as colonialism, injustice and corruption in the Indian subcontinent, is more needed today. The initiation of silent resistance from Islamabad and New Delhi to Srinagar for the Kashmiris who have been deprived of their basic human rights and deprived of their special status against the oppressive rule of the Indian government in Jammu Kashmir will lead to the liberation of Kashmir. This land is filled with millions of free-spirited people. I think that India and Pakistan non-governmental organizations cannot remain silent on the humanitarian drama in Kashmir. I think NGO members in both countries have the power to initiate the silent resistance from Islamabad and New Delhi to Srinagar in coordination. We must all support the silent resistance so that the humanitarian drama does not happen in Kashmir. Those who don't have dreams have no future!


What are your suggestions to the international community to alleviate the suffering of Kashmiris?
The cancellation of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir and the victimization of fundamental human rights should be constantly reminded to international institutions and organizations. In addition, lobbies should be formed in international institutions and organizations. Muslims of India and Pakistan should strengthen humanitarian and civic diplomatic solidarity for the freedom of Kashmir in the USA and Europe. Developing a new action strategy that includes the international press, health organizations, human rights watchdogs… Developing country diplomacy to bring the Kashmir issue to the agenda in all committees of the United Nations and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. These are necessary issues. As a result, countries that are in conflict with their neighbors can never spend their national resources on the development of the country, nor can they show development success. The way for India and Pakistan to continue their development is to follow policies that are at peace with Kashmir. If the regional powers use their synergy for peace, the region will develop. Otherwise, the region will be dominated by global powers.


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