"The 12 September 1980 Turkish coup d'état"

"The 12 September 1980 Turkish coup détat"
Date: 12.9.2018 17:00

We are on the 38th anniversary of the September 12, 1980 coup d'etat. The information recorded by official authorities reveals the truth of September 12 again.

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Turkey's military coup can not be removed from memories. The September 12 coup d'etat, which we left behind 38 years, took its place in the memories with the terrible results.
Books, documents, films and individual witness stories on 12 September; reminiscent of that depressing, pale atmosphere of the impact environment.
According to official figures; 650 thousand people were detained in the coup management process, 1 million 683 thousand people were fişlenmiş, 14 people died in the prison hunger strikes, 171 people were killed in the interrogations and prison torture, and 49 people were executed.
In addition to all this information; unions, democratic mass organizations, and the presidents of all these institutions, who were brought to the forefront of the political bans that were questioned, and the figures related to the members of the board of directors were also frightening.
Here are the numbers of September 12 results:
Detainees: 650,000
Kept record of: 1,683,000
Number of cases filed: 210,000
Prosecutors in martial law courts: 230,000
141-142-163. Prosecuted by material: 71.500
Civil court cases (1980-88): 9,508
Tried 'member of the organization': 98.404
Sentenced 'member of the organization': 21.764
Citizenship: 14,000
Passport not given: 388,000
Associated organization of the activity: 23.700
Convicts and detainees in a total of 644 prisoners: 52,000 (remaining in 1990)
Hunger strikes: 14
Fouls being fired: 16
Killed in battle: 74
Natural death report given: 73
Suicides' reported: 43
Torture survivors killed: 171
Torture investigation or case opened: 9.962 (1982-1988)
Security officer on trial for alleged torture: 544
1402 Act according to martial law: 18.525
Officer working on: 7.245
Teached on: 3.854
Security officer working on: 988
Religious officer dealt with about: 266
Instructor working on: 120
Property owner responsible for: 35
Judge-prosecutor who has been dealt with: 47
Those who were expelled from the region: 7.233
Those who have been abolished: 4.891
Total penalties for journalists in prison: 3,315 years 3 months
Number of days that Istanbul newspapers can not broadcast: 300 days
Journalist's requested prison sentence: 4.000 years
Journalists in prisons: 31
Police wanted to be arrested journalists: 13
Journalists killed on armed assaults: 3
Only the case filed for a 16-day paper in 1989: 394
Number of indemnity cases: 211
Amount of compensation requested: 12 billion 848 million
Burned and destroyed newspapers, magazines, books: 39 tons
Broadcast waiting to be destroyed: 40 tons
Number of laws restricting freedom of the press: 151
Number of banned publications: 927
Number of prohibited films: 927
Death penalty on their rights: 7.000
Death penalty given: 517
Military Court of Cassation approved death penalty: 124
Judge of the death sentence in the Assembly: 259
Execution sentence executed: 50
Executed left-wing death sentence: 18
Right-wing death sentence executed: 8
939 people have been sentenced to more than 20 years
630 life imprisonment sentences
420 death sentences


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