"The EU directs our foreign trade"

"The EU directs our foreign trade"
Date: 29.11.2019 14:00

This month, YENİAD’s Economic Talks program's guest was Customs and Foreign Trade Specialist and Instructor Ömer Zor.

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Organized by A New World Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (YENİAD), “Economy Talks” program was held at the headquarters of the association in Balat. 
This month's guest of the conversation Customs and Foreign Trade Specialist and Instructor Ömer Zor.
Turkey's foreign trade and customs procedures discussed in the program YENİAD Chairman Selman Esmerer found as well as a large number of ready YENİAD member and businessman.


In his opening speech, YENİAD Chairman Selman Esmerer said, "The Almighty has given us all kinds of abundance and abundance. Especially as a region, we are in a fertile region. However, we have not reached the desired level as a commercial country. We will push especially the outside world to reach the level we want. That's why we brought in our customs and foreign trade expert in this month's conversation. We will benefit from it in abundance."


Giving information about “Customs and Foreign Trade to the members of a New World Businessmen Association, Ömer Zor, "to understand the foreign trade of Turkey and Turkey's geographical location, we need to look to their neighbors. World Trade Organization and the European Union, which immediately alongside Turkey, 1963 Ankara Treaty came up today. Starting from 1963, the legislation for fulfilling the requirements of the annexed protocol was started for 22 years. But as a result of Turkey's political and economic events, conditions could not be fulfilled during the period up to 1985. Later, Turkey entered a new period of 11 years. If the statement were demolished in 1995 and replaced in 1996 customs barriers in Turkey. Turkey, this process has entered a new period of integration into the European Union. The name of this period was called protokolü Customs Union ’annexation protocol," he said.


Zor, "Giving direction to Turkey's foreign trade laws, regulations and decrees are to find direction with the decisions of the European Union. The European Union trades with 52 to 55 countries around the world. It makes bilateral agreements with a certain part of these countries and impartial agreements with certain countries. Currently, the European Union has 28 members. Turkey's Customs Union protocol added to this number turns 29. However, the European Union is in agreement with countries other than its own in order to supply raw materials and semi-finished products which are in need. Turkey agreement in which it has done in the European Union must make certain period of time," he said.


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