"The ruling AKP has transparency problem"

"The ruling AKP has transparency problem"
Date: 20.5.2019 16:00

Journalist Murat Yetkin, 'the ruling AKP is experiencing the problem of transparency in the economy', he said.

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In his article published on his blog, journalist Murat Yetkin wrote an important article that the AKP government failed in the economy.
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan wants to make an agreement with the IMF indicating that Yetkin, 'Erdogan doesn't want an agreement with the IMF to provide a robust monetary agreement not only for ideological reasons; also does not want to account for where the money taken, so there is a problem of transparency,' he said.
Yetkin, the AKP government is experiencing a problem of transparency, while the tender law is constantly being changed is an example of this situation.
Yetkin, the author of the attention-grabbing writing on the subject, said:
"An example of this is the fact that the state procurement law has changed more than one hundred times according to the needs of the day since the IMF program period, which Erdogan had to implement until 2007. Of course, these are not commonly written."
"Erdoğan's son-in-law, who was the Minister of Finance and Treasury, failed to succeed in turning the economy into a positive trend. Inflation, unemployment, interest, open balance of payments, all on the rise. In 2002, when Erdogan came to power, the US dollar was worth 1,5 liras. Not so much, in 2013, Erdogan complained that the Gezi protests increased from 1.85 to 1.92; today 6 liras."


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