"This mistake should be reverted immediately"

"This mistake should be reverted immediately"
Date: 5.4.2021 14:00

Saadet Party Antalya Provincial Vice President Abdulkadir Kayabaş held a press release regarding the new proposal submitted to the parliament on protected natural protected areas and national parks.

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Expressing his concerns in the press release, Saadet Party Antalya Provincial Vice President Environmental Engineer Abdulkadir Kayabaş, "According to the law proposal submitted to the parliament, tourist facilities including 5-star hotels and holiday villages can be established in national parks, natural parks, natural monuments, nature protection areas, natural protected areas and wetlands, with the approval of the Ministry of Tourism. According to the proposal, hotels and touristic facilities can be built even in national parks in districts with a coast. It is also getting easier for pastures, highlands and winter quarters to open to tourism. While the approval authority of the Ministry of Environment in these areas is restricted, the Ministry of Tourism will be able to allocate protected areas as investment sites," he said.


"When we read the change proposal, we can see that there are also items that can contribute to tourism and tourism. However, it is a matter of making all our natural assets, except for the Çanakkale War areas, Cappadocia, the Bosphorus and a few protected areas, threatened by law. As Felicity Party, we ask the copyrighted lawmakers to withdraw the relevant article of the proposal. If this article is not withdrawn and it is accepted and enacted in the General Assembly, our Antalya, which has the largest forest assets, the most national parks and the most protected areas, will suffer greatly. We demand an immediate reversal of this mistake on behalf of our citizens from Antalya," Kayabas added.


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