"We are in the Bulgarian elections"

"We are in the Bulgarian elections"
Date: 26.3.2021 11:00

The people of Bulgaria will go to the polls on April 4, 2021 to elect the country's new administration.

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The Bulgarian Turks Culture and Service Association, the Bulgarian Strategic Research Center and the European Bulgarian Turks Association announced the candidates they will support in the Bulgarian elections to be held on April 4th.
Days before the elections, non-governmental organizations operating on behalf of the Muslim-Turkish community in Bulgaria published a list of candidates they will support in the elections, taking a common stance. The declaration was published with the signature of Rafet Ulutürk, President of the Bulgarian Turks Culture and Service Association (BULTÜRK), Erdal Karabaş, President of the Bulgarian Strategic Research Center (BGSAM), and Seniha Rasim, President of the European Bulgarian Turks Association.


The declaration stated that this joint decision was taken in line with the public interests of the Turkish-Muslim community in Bulgaria, "We are the associations that struggle for the Turkish society to live freely in Bulgaria and to look at the future with confidence. In terms of the politics of Bulgaria and the region, we are not organizations for or against any political party. Our aim is for all communities in Bulgaria to live in harmony and peace. In short, it is our ability to learn to live together. We will be the supporters and followers of the candidates within the framework of these thoughts in the upcoming elections," it was stated.


In the joint statement of NGOs, "In the light of our criteria and criteria, we will continue to support those who can express the interests of Bulgarian citizens and minority communities in the best way, and who we believe will fight for the rule of law and human rights for the peace, tranquility and security of Bulgaria. In this context, Alise Murtezova from the Ruse region, Günay Hüsmen from the Razgrad region, İlter Beyzatov from the Shumen region, Bojidar Stanchev from the Stara Zagora region, Mümin Sali Mümün from the Haskovo region, Raşit Şükrü Raşit from the Kardzhali region, Hayri R. Sadıkov from the Smolyan region, Deniz from the Blagoevgrad region. We will support Sengov," it was said.


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