"We are waiting for our brothers in Anatolia"

"We are waiting for our brothers in Anatolia"
Date: 16.2.2021 11:00

A call to Anatolia from the governor of Bukhara, the historical city of Uzbekistan... Bukhara, the city of Islamic civilization, is waiting for its visitors in Anatolia.

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A call came from the Governor of the historical city Bukhara, Botır Zaripov, who came together with the journalists who came to the country at the invitation of the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Ankara. Zaripov said that the region is very important for Islamic civilization and that they are waiting for everyone to Bukhara, where the treasures of science are found.
The historical city of Uzbekistan, Bukhara, where the most important centers of Islamic civilization is located, awaits its guests coming from Anatolia. Bukhara, which is almost a cultural city with its historical mosques, minarets and more than two thousand monuments, also holds the knowledge treasures of the Islamic civilization. Having hosted many scholars of science and spirituality from the great astronomer Uluğ Bey to Ibn-i Sina, Bahaettin Nakşibendi and Hoca Abdulhalık Gücdevani, Buhara has visited the region with the title of Dome of Islam for centuries. takes back.


Saying that “Bukhara is historically not only a part of ours, but also of a great civilization,” Zaripov stated that the spirituality of the city is at a high level and the monuments of the common civilization have gained a much more beautiful appearance with the restorations made in recent years. Stating that most of the 2,500-year-old history is made up of the footprints of Islam and Turkish civilization, Zaripov said, “Through you, I call out to our brothers in Turkey. Uzbekistan is your sister country. Don't forget Uzbekistan and especially Bukhara. We are waiting for you both in terms of commercial and cultural tourism to our city”.


Turkish journalists who came to the country within the framework of a travel program at the invitation of the Uzbekistan Embassy in Ankara met with senior officials of the region. Buhara Regional Governor Botır Zaripov welcomed the delegation from Turkey at the door of Bahaettin Nakşibendi, known as Shah Naqshibendi, at the gate of the historical complex, which is located on four hectares and where his tomb is located. Zaripov, who visited the complex with journalists, gave detailed information about the region in his later evaluation.
Zaripov stated that they are trying to carry the close relations established with Turkey, especially in the field of trade and tourism, as a country in recent years, and said, “Central Asia is your homeland. Especially Bukhara is a very important city for both the Islamic civilization and the Turks. "We want to host visitors from Turkey to the region as a result of the work done."


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